The birth of a decentralised network of electricity customers

Before we get into the specics and start exploring the AVALO Box, it is important to understand the overview of the project as well.

Basically, AVALO-energy is focused on the energy sector, renewable energy
in particular, and the aim of the venture is to utilize the blockchain
technology and ensure that the generation and distribution of energy are
efficent and the cost is decreased for the end consumer.

Now that you know about the project, let’s start exploring the AVALO Box.
Basically, it happens to be a minicomputer that can be linked with any local
network (wired or wireless). With its help, AVALO-energy paves way for
finding its way into the households (smart homes in particular).

Apart from acting as a ‘connecting device’ for dierent households, AVALO
Box also serves as a node on the network. Therefore, if you install it in your
house, you would not only consume energy eciently, but you could earn
more by mining an staking AVALO Coins as well.

Some Use Cases and Features of AVALO Box

AVALO Box ‘seems’ like an ordinary day-to-day device, but it is not. In fact,
it covers a wide variety of use cases and is meant to transform how we use
electricity and its related equipment.

Wallet and Node

See, when you are using electricity, there are plenty of factors to consider.
For instance, copies of bills, the current bill, any arrears, the number of
units you consume per month, the plan you are using and a lot more.

We aim to move all of these details on a public ledger and the AVALO Box
will serve as a node in this case. As the number of device users will grow,
there will be more nodes on the network, thus making AVALO-energy a
more efficient and fault-tolerant system as a whole.

It should also be noted that this device can be used for redeeming and
transferring credits as well.

Point for Data Analysis

From this aspect, our AVALO Box serves two areas. Firstly, it is used for
collecting data (e.g. consumption) from an array of household devices and
then roll out a better solution for efficiency.

Secondly, the same data is fed to a global blockchain and proling is
performed against each device. Therefore, whenever a customer plans to
buy an appliance, he can have a decent idea about its technical pros and

Power Optimization

Moreover, you can install illuminants (e.g. tube lights, lamps, savers, etc.) in
the house with built-in sensors. As soon as AVALO Box detects that there is
excessive energy consumption in the house, the illuminants will detect
whether somebody needs them or not.

For instance, if you are not in the room, the lights will turn on


If you look at it carefully, the AVALO Box also serves as your electricity meter. However, it is portable and whenever you change your house, just take it along and install it elsewhere. The best part is that your meter
number never gets changed and since it runs on the blockchain, history is
also maintained.

Can be used from any location

We ensure that the utility of AVALO Box goes far beyond merely ‘powering
your house’. It can also act as your global power bank. Simply purchase the
required amount of power from the Smartphone App at another AVALO
Box operator and charge it to your mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players,
earphones and all other devices. AVALO Boxes can be installed in hotels,
restaurants, shops and any other open location.

Operators of AVALO boxes can also offer free electricity to other AVALO
members if they feed the energy into the grid themselves, or win non-members as customers to share in their electricity consumption.

Receive Bonuses

Please note that AVALO-crowd is one of our initiatives that allows its
members to generate renewable energy and contribute to the mainstream
grid. This platform is closely related to AVALO Box, such that if you are
generating electricity, your meter will be credited and you won’t have to
pay bills if you consume an equal amount of electricity.


Our Point of Sale concept is yet another element that sets us apart from
mainstream competitors. Since it provides an interface for carrying out
certain transactions, you can always rent the electrical equipment or carry
AVALO Box for recharging dierent devices by selecting a relevant option
from the interface.

The charges are displayed against every service listed on the screen and
your AVALO Wallet is billed accordingly. Please note that this POS terminal
also has a QR Scanner, allowing it to receive payments in dierent coins.


There are multiple solutions in the market which cover ‘portions’ or ‘parts’
of the entire ecosystem we are offering. So those systems are not only
outdated, but their technology is so clumsy and centralized that it causes
bottleneck situations in many cases. AVALO-energy believes that this
inefficiency is intolerable in the modern economy.

Therefore, we are deploying a huge decentralized network with the help of
AVALO Box to act as our nodes. Apart from that, our algorithms are also
aimed at enhancing the TPS rate.

Better Representation of Statistical Data

We believe that insights from the raw data must be presented in a visually
appealing way so that the end-users can take action and understand better
from the information being provided.

Therefore, AVALO Box shows the following important information:

1. Consumption data in graphical form (i.e. how much energy you have
consumed, the price, etc.)
2. Product recommendation for more eciency (it analyzes your stats
and searches the global blockchain records to search for best
3. Multi-layer view to tell you about the energy consumption in your
house vs the average, maximum and minimum consumption in your

Some ‘Out of the Box’ Features

Let’s talk about a couple of more features allowing us to extend our
feasibility in the industry.

We Are a Community

If you look at it, AVALO Boxes are not only meant for in-house utility. In
fact, their usability can be tailored to address the needs of the community
as well.

Therefore, we are offering 3 types of maps:

1. Free WLAN: This is particularly used to earn rewards. As an end-user
of AVALO Box, you can set up your device as a HotSpot and dierent
users (within the proximity) can connect

2. Green Power: This map allows the community members to check for
free energy sources in a specied range. For instance, if Adam, an
AVALO-crowd member, lives nearby and is dispensing free renewable
energy, you can pay and avail it

3. Mobile Power: This map shows you all the charging stations. For
instance, if you are traveling in the suburbs and your mobile phone,
mp3 player, bicycle or e-car needs to be recharged, you can go to a
charging station nearby

An Electricity Marketplace

AVALO-energy features a marketplace as well and in this section, we will
focus on how AVALO Box users can benefit from this marketplace.

Firstly, when you generate electricity from renewable resources, you can
sell it o on the marketplace by listing your rate and the quantity you are
willing to sell. The buyers can pay you in AVALO Coins.

Moreover, you can also install your device in a location where Mobile
Power Map users can locate your AVALO Box and pay you for the services
availed through the device.


Just to give you a clue about its hardware specications, please note that
AVALO Box comes with the following:

  • CPU: 64 bit, 1.2 GHz Quad-core
  • 3GB SSD & 1GB RAM
  • WLAN 802.11n & 1 Network Connector
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Power port
  • Self-cooling case

(This is the conguration of the AVALO Box prototypes. The hardware
conguration at the time of serial production may differ.)

Therefore, it is evident that AVALO-energy is offering quite a decent
functionality and revolutionizes the whole concept of energy generation
and consumption. It should also be noted that with the help of AVALO Box,
the use cases are not only limited to the boundaries of your house. In fact,
as mentioned in the article, you can connect to the AVALO Box via a
SmartPhone app to offer pretty much anything on the go.

Visit https://ico.avalo-energy.com if you want to learn more about the

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