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TEVEL Invites Support to the Location Based Revolution

Victor Hugo is credited with the words that ‘there is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come. In a time when the internet is now, old news and businesses must do what they need to do to be at the top of the consumer’s mind, COFC Technologies’ idea is timely, and by Victor Hugo’s logic, stronger than any army in the world.

TEVEL, owned by COFC Technologies, is the cradle of the company’s innovation. It is an internet platform for maximum security, convenience, and security. With the platform, you can order a Taxi and Delivery in a fast way by sending API requests to different companies that are competing for clientele in your location.

TEVEL brings together the virtual world with the real world and records all public events known to have happened on the map forever, based on the public blockchain technology. The TEVEL user will be connected to all things around him with tools that help him to manage his profile, upload images and posts, and send live videos on the map. The user will be able to receive comments and ‘likes’ on the publicity.

The app also allows users to rank others and to take part in the best ranking on the ranking feature of the app, manage their wallet, receive transfers between users and to pay for any business or service that they can find on the map with a Cash Token.

Retailers and brands will be able to give discounts, coupons, and gifts to users, getting an excellent marketing channel for the audience they are targeting. The app has a generic CRM system integrated with AI that will let business owners build and manage a menu according to the needs of the business. 

Support an idea stronger than world armies

TEVEL is running a donations campaign, accepting donations in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. Every supporter will get an ‘Honor Mark’ in the TEVEL app in addition to COFC Cash utility tokens as a gift, in proportions to the donation yet to be decided by the company.

Daniel with Dr. Asher Idan, strategic advisor of COFC Technologies

In supporting TEVEL, you stand behind an app that looks to build an engaged community and bring power to the people, having been created by people like you. Last year, Dr. Asher Idan joined COFC Technologies as the strategic advisor and Herbert R. Sim joined as an investor and advisor together with Daniel Danilovich. 

Daniel Danilovich with Herbert R Sim and Broctagon Group team at amazing conference event organized by Alisa Berezutska,CEO of NEXTBLOCK

You would also be supporting security and safety. The TEVEL app is innovative and is at the top of the social ecosystem that unites people and brings them together to empower them to do what they set their minds to do. It is an app concerned with prosperity and freedom. As a technology concept, it goes a long way to support hope. Supporting TEVEL is supporting a project that could better this world for the generations to come.

Learn more about the TEVEL project or support the project at

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