TCN Is Ready to Disclose Their Partnership with Next Update

In this article, we will discuss:

  • TCN is ready to release a statement joining the best-trusted exchanges as partners
  • Tech token network will consider Centralized as well as Decentralized exchanges
  • How do you choose the right platform for token listing?
  • What are the standard measures to consider?

Which is the most reliable digital asset exchange to list your token? This question tickles the mind of every start-up merchandise to consider the best possible platform for listing their tokens.

Currently, the top-tier platforms need hard efforts and a bulk of money. On the other side, small-scale exchanges are not potent enough in terms of strong exposure and trade volume of your token.

Meanwhile, you should recognize what your token deserves. Analyse, research, plan and outreach the most trusted platforms for token listing. Similar, Tech token network is following the criteria to tag major exchanges to list TCN tokens that will be a cost-effective, resourceful, credible and active community.

How do you Choose the Right Platform for Token Listing?

The reason behind listing TCN tokens on a trusted crypto exchange is very simple. The destined platforms maintain the craved-after balance between credibility and affordability, sharing a fair number of bonuses for good measure. They will also provide a significant audience with active traders and investors utilizing trading opportunities.

However, listing tokens can be a complex, time-consuming and daunting task, have patience and choose wisely. Go for the platform with high liquidity, low cost and a variety of service providers.

Every exchange platform is distinct and possesses independent requirements for token inclusion. Also, note that exchanges consider many variables before listing a token. As an outcome, closely analyse the best match for your token in terms of your project timeline.

Always refer to the most established and well-respected crypto platforms. Look for their working background with various upline projects on your criteria basis and the issues they have faced.

One of the biggest factors for any token listing is providing a way to allow any users to openly exchange and trade with a newly launched token. Remember, it’s no small feat to get listed.

The team at TCN are experienced with technical expertise and exchange connections which help make this process of listing TCN token on exchanges quick and easier.

What are the Standard Measures to Consider?

As already discusses the possible factors to choose the right exchange platform, Let’s walk through some of the most crucial measures while considering exchanges and their services. Here are some standard characteristics according to their aspects:

  1. Pricing
  2. Utility token or security token
  3. Lifelong Listing or recurring fees
  4. Screening or KYC fee
  5. Fee refundable or non-refundable
  6. Trading pairs availability- BTC, ETH, USDT
  7. Payment arrangement: USD/BTC/ETH/native tokens and their timings
  • Liquidity
  • Turnover (24h, weeks, months, years)
  • Turnover in particular tokens or coins
  • Major trading pairs- BTC, ETH, USDT
  • Number of registered users
  • Number of institutional or accredited traders
  • Active investors, geographic dispersion and wealth
  • Legal and Reputation
  • Jurisdiction of a specific exchange
  • Regulation and who is the regulator?
  • Are the users of the platform white-listed?
  • Reputation in terms of attacks, hacks, legal feuds with regulators
  • Age of the exchange
  • Security and Reliability
  • Centralised or decentralised exchange
  • Is the exchange insured>
  • Location of operations
  • Black mail potential
  • SLA’s reliability with downtimes, execution speed, etc.
  • Time to Listing
  • The speed of listing
  • Formalities for listing like KYC (IDs of directors, commercial register, etc.)
  • Audit of the token smart contract
  • Opening hours and time zone of operations
  • Listing Scale
  • Legal types- Utility Token or Security Token
  • Token standard- TRC20, EOS, Stellar, etc., basically native coins or tokens
  • Successful completion of ICO necessity (Is soft cap reached?)
  • Delisting measures on minimum turnover
  • Services
  • Coin market capitalization link
  • ICO launchpad or fundraising

If you belong to other crypto projects, you should maintain your additional measures excluding what is listed above to select the right exchange. You can drop us a line about your views on the above-mentioned listings!

TCN Tokenomics

Here are some basic details on our Tokenomics:

  • Token Name: Tech Token Network
  • Ticker: TCN Token
  • Supply: 270000000 (270 Million)
  • Platform: TRC 10: 18 Decimal
  • Available Supply: 85% (229500000)
  • Initial Price: 0.01 USD = 1 TCN

Interested candidates can join TCN presale which running on phase 2 with exclusive price and offers. You can directly access the details right from our official website.

Winding Up

Choosing the right crypto exchange platform for your project might be a complex and tedious process for you. Follow your criteria and decide where to list your cryptocurrency. Do not take it lightly. Avoid any misunderstanding, and do not compromise the factors for the final choice of a trading venue.

Keep in mind day-by-day, there is substantial competition rising among the existing exchanges and newcomers are entering the market with their constant ideas. There is no room for negotiation, realize the true value deals and grab them much faster.

TCN is all set to join best-trusted exchanges with the listing in their hands. Don’t miss any updates on what’s next. We will soon release our next update with the names of our partnered exchanges. What is your opinion on this topic please mention them in the comment section below?

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