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Investors who want to enjoy the feel, touch, and security of owning gold can buy gold bars instead of investing in intangible ETFs. Physical investment-grade gold – gold bullion – can be purchased at spot price, which is calculated based on the cost of un-fabricated gold. With physical gold, you can gain liquidity in case of a complete economic collapse. The internet has made the process of buying physical gold bars online simple. There are reputable retail websites where you can select the gold bars you wish to purchase by quantity, weight, and price.

Typically, online retailers will accept wire transfers and credit cards, allowing the buyer to select the cost-effective option to make their payment. Physical gold ownership involves other costs, including insurance and storage costs, transaction fees, and markups associated with the transaction. Based on the platform you use, there can be additional processing fees. While these costs may not significantly affect you if you are looking to invest a small portion of gold, they could become prohibitive for those looking for more significant exposure.

About Suisse Gold Ltd

Platforms that accept cryptocurrency may go a long way to help. Using electronic currency to buy gold may allow you benefits like convenience, speed, freedom, and security. Suisse Gold Ltd. is one such platform. The company is located in London and trades precious metals, offering clients the option to buy and sell precious metals like rhodium, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with cryptocurrency. The platform currently accepts Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

Suisse Gold Limited provides delivery for any bullion you purchase. On the website, you get the option to order for delivery. The service is currently available to countries in the EU and major Asian banking centers. The team is currently working to extend delivery to other countries. You can buy the precious metals in cryptocurrency for delivery or vault storage.

The allocated bullion storage service serves clients in countries that do not support deliveries, cannot take order delivery because of security concerns, or do not want to pay the VAT connected with their purchase. The storage vault is in Zurich and is available to clients all over the world. There is also storage space in the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. You can manage your stored bullion using the platform’s ‘My Vault’ technology, through which you can see, ship, and sell your holdings online.

Suisse Gold Ltd. also offers a bullion buyback service. They provide a minimum of 90% of the live market spot price on precious metals sold back to them directly from the vault storage. The payment is settled back to your account so that you can keep physical bullion as an offshore liquid asset in a secure place. All bullion storage through the company is insured.

If you prefer to make your purchase using another virtual currency other than the six listed, you can get in touch and make a request. Suisse Gold ltd. sometimes accepts other cryptocurrencies. However, there is a limit to the bullion you can purchase with cryptocurrency – no more than $100 000 or an equivalent of this amount. More significant transactions have to go through customer service first.

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