Stratus: The World’s Largest Social Media Ecosystem

In recent years, social media sites have moved from being fun and exciting platforms to a source of frustration to their users. These platforms have shown to be manipulative and willing to sell user data to the highest bidder. They also impose high rates of censorship, leading to suppression of the freedom of speech and access to information.

Fortunately, Stratus has come to redefine the game.

Stratus is a history-making innovation that is an ecosystem of platforms and services. It is set to replace other social media sites like Tik Tok, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and many more by combining all their functionalities in one platform. This article will look into this new ecosystem and all it has to offer.


Stratus is the brainchild of Apollo Fintech, a blockchain-based company making great strides in fintech innovations. Stratus is a union of cryptocurrency exchange, blockchain technology, and social media. The platform aims to offer you an integrated ecosystem of sorts for your social media needs and more. It was created to mitigate the challenges in the existing platforms like issues of trust and data mining. 

Stratus will be connected to Apollo Fintechs global bitcoin lightning network replacement, Knox World Pay. The network will allow anyone to send BTC almost instantly at speeds of 1-2 seconds. Running on Apollos blockchain means the system is indefinitely sustainable. Therefore, the combination of the ecosystem and trading platform will facilitate mass crypto adoption. Users on the platform can send BTC on SMS truly banking the unbanked. The collaboration will allow anyone in the world willing to buy BTC on the platform from a global network agent without an internet connection.

It is the redefinition of social media with finance access and freedom of speech, meaning no censorship of content. Imagine one dashboard that allows you to switch from your universal wallet and account to a marketplace to shop for your favorite shows. Then it takes you back to a video call with your friends and even logs in to forums to read stories and interact with others. On the Stratus ecosystem, you can do all that and much more. All the various features are connectedly housed under one dashboard. Stratus will replace Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, PayPal, Telegram, Twitch, medium, Coinbase, Linked In, and WhatsApp. 

According to CEO Steve McCullah, the application will launch in different phases to familiarise users with the platform. The roll-out on the first phase will happen this quarter.

Features of Stratus

Great Connectivity 

It will be the world’s largest social media ecosystem. It will be a platform with different activity hubs to suit the users’ needs. The Stratus ecosystem allows alignment of cross-platforms, which means you can engage and interact on various platforms while on Stratus. Individuals will have different profiles in individual parts of the ecosystem accessible from the main dashboard.

Protected User Data

This feature hinges on the blockchain technology that Stratus runs. Due to end to end encryption, all interactions and user history will remain secure on the blockchain. Furthermore, your data will not be monetized for profit or sold to third parties. You won’t see any ads curated from your Google history appearing on your Stratus feed.

Freedom of Speech and No Censorship

Current popular social media networks are regulated, and users are limited by a set of rules while using the platforms. If the users fail to follow these rules and guidelines, they risk being shut down or restricted from accessing the platform for a set period. Stratus, to give users relief from censored mainstream platforms, will not interfere with the user’s opinions and posts, meaning no censorship imposed. Unless the content is illegal, freedom of speech on the Stratus social media will prevail. 

Functionality for User-Friendly Experience

Even though Stratus will be an ecosystem, there is a division in terms of individual platforms with individual profiles. Stratus users can conveniently access all services on one account, and the dashboard allows the separation of the different activities. 

It will be an ecosystem of individual platforms with individual profiles so that users can have separation of the different activities, for example, finance, social media interaction, and engagement. The dashboard allows users to access each platform individually, book your holiday, pay from your e-wallet, and go back to your social media feed. 

Stratus still provides a master feed from which users can view all their feeds, finance, social media, travel, etc. which means that even with separate social media profiles, users will still be able to engage in activities in each. 


The current social media platforms offer multiple apps for different social media accounts and no avenue to align them all except synchrony and mining user data. The different accounts in various platforms leave users vulnerable to cyberattacks and identity theft. Stratus is flipping the narrative, giving users the best experience with one account, one ecosystem, and access to all necessary services. Enjoy the Stratus experience either individually by specifically choosing from the dashboard or view all your feeds on the master feed. You can bank, deal with your insurance, travel, shop for all your needs and wants, all on this one platform. Blockchain-based social media networks are the future and a promising convenient one for that.

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