Stratton Oakmont Finance: A Beyond Borders, Community-Driven DeFi Ecosystem

Anyone remotely aware of cryptocurrency is familiar with the name ‘Elon Musk.’ The Tesla CEO uses his twitter platform to talk about cryptocurrencies. Every time he tweets about them, the market reacts. In 2014, Musk tweeted that bitcoin was probably good. Five years later, he started to talk about the utility of cryptocurrency and invested significantly into Bitcoin. Tesla started accepting payments in Bitcoin. Later on, Musk sold some of his holdings before beginning to question the environmental impact of the asset. Tesla stopped accepting Bitcoin and many investors freaked out. The decision sent cryptocurrencies into a downward spiral, causing Bitcoin to fall to $30 000. One man’s tweets seem to be solely responsible for the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Enter Stratton Oakmont Finance (SOF)

SOF is a DeFi exchange that helps users manage their investments. The team’s vision includes bringing down Musk’s ‘reign.’ Their vision is to bring in Jordan Belfort into the world of cryptocurrencies as Musk’s competitor. In fact, the man’s firm inspired the name of the platform. Jordan Belfort is the man on whose life ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is based. After a number of scandals and his sentence, the man reinvented himself to become a motivational speaker who differentiates between ambition, passion and greed on Wall Street. The SOF team believes that he is a worthy competitor to Elon Musk, and uses his intellectual strategies.

How does SOF compete?

Stratton Oakmont Finance provides exchange services for its users all over the world. The crypto ecosystem stands out from other exchanges in that it offers low fees on trades without any hidden charges. SOF creates opportunities within the cryptocurrency space to help users make money, combining quality services and experience. It has the following features, in addition to the reduced fees:

  • Decentralization – there is no central authority at Stratton Oakmont Finance. No transactions are hidden and so all information and records are available to the public.
  • Security – SOF is built on the Binance Smart Chain. Every audited smart contract is typically protected, meaning that your investments will be safe.
  • Modernized solutions – all over the world, investors need solutions that keep abreast with technological advances. The SOF team provides updated solutions to their needs. This is done on a native cryptocurrency, meaning that transactions are easy to make on the exchange. The platform also has an in-built wallet that helps you to store your assets and that you can access any time you please.
  • Free educational material – The team looks to build the biggest platform for crypto education. The goal is to help their users increase their knowledge base, not just about the ecosystem, but also about cryptocurrencies in general. The education material is available in many languages.

The Stratton Oakmont Finance token

The Stratton Oakmont Finance token is a BEP-20 token based on the Binance Smart Chain.  The team will use Bounce Network to launch a decentralized token offering. Bounce Network relies on the BNB method for purchasing tokens. This means that to participate in the token sale, you can go to the Bounce Network and pick SOF token ICO and then determine the amount. The biggest advantage of the token is that you can port it like pegged BEP-20 tokens from other chains. The token allows liquidity providers to sell their liquidity or transfer it between accounts without affecting their liquidity pool.

The token is the core of the Stratton Oakmont Finance swap. It will be used to fuel the ecosystem. It will be possible to determine the number of SOF tokens after burning is turned off. Only 3% of the tokens will be burned. The token is funded through a young and fast-growing community that believes in cohesion, tolerance and equality. Members are active on social media, where you can also catch the latest news on the token. The most active sites are Twitter, Telegram and Tiktok. The first people to benefit from the token will be the early adapters who are rewarded with incentives. They receive 3% of their total token supply at no charges.

The team has both an automatic and a locked liquidity pool. Each trade generates automatic liquidity on Pancakeswap, and there is a 4% liquidity pool locked on DxSale. It has renounced token ownership and will buy tokens just like everyone else, meaning that the launch and distribution is fair. Any token holder earns passive rewards as they go about their transactions within the ecosystem.

Token listing for SOF on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap is under works and will be coming soon, alongside the major marketing campaigns. With the token sales already under way, it is an excellent time to jump on the train and reap the benefits of being part of a community bringing ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ to the crypto world. The team has stayed transparent all through the process, and there is currently a very low entry criteria, meaning that anyone interested can get in. Stratton Oakmont Finance is the best option for you if you want to buy something using cryptocurrency that is banned in your state. The exchange runs in all countries and offers legal services to all users, providing a truly beyond border, service.

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