Stock Exchange CBOE Closing Down Bitcoin-Futures Trading

Cboe Global Markets will remove option to trade bitcoin futures.

CBOE Global Markets was the first major player to launch bitcoin futures for trading back in December 2017.

But now it’s over.

According to a recent statement, the company states that they will not post new bitcoin futures as in March.

CBOE has not decided what to do with other types of cryptocurrency derivatives.

The decision reflects diminishing interest in investing in cryptocurrencies. From the cryptomania winter of 2017/2018, the value of a bitcoin has dropped from just under $ 20,000 to about $ 4,000. This is equivalent to a decline of about 80 percent.

The CME Group, which is also an important issuer of crypto derivatives, has not announced if this decition will terminate or reduce its investment in the area. The CME’s trading volume is more than four times the size of CBOE.

Derivatives should provide a regulated marketplace for cryptocurrency trading, and it was expected that this would also attract a number of institutional investors. Volatility has undoubtedly declined along with the interest.

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