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SportsFix ICO Review – Democratizing Sport Content

SportsFix ICO Project Overview

What is SportsFix?

SportsFix is doing an ICO to fund the launch of a new decentralized platform that utilizes blockchain technology to create a community-based ecosystem where sports fans around the world can vote, watch, and communicate with the sports clubs and communities around the chosen subjects. The project envisions their platform as “the Netflix of sports content.”
SportsFix has its own ecosystem as they call the digital stadium. Here fans can see matches played directly. This will also be available for smartphones through an application launched by the same company. Their idea makes watching sports become much cheaper. There is a certain amount that has to be paid for the organizers to go in addition.

The event structure works like this: the more people contribute to the event, the cheaper it becomes for each user to see the match. Users can set up what events they want to follow. For avid sport fans, there will be more opportunities for you to earn extra tokens from SportsFix. Users can earn additional tokens by predicting games, commenting and so on. Sports Clubs can also choose to reward the fans through the platform.

SF Media Holding is developing the platform. SF is an established streaming content provider based in Malaysia that delivers sport event streams to millions of people every week.

Problems of the current sport platforms

Expensive Content

Variety concluded in a study done in 2017 that as much as 83% of all PAY-TV subscribers canceled their subscription because of the high cost. Additionally, the users often has to pay for a subscription that includes content they have no interest in.

Inefficient Content Distribution

The distribution method for the top sports providers today is outdated and filled with intermediaries, making the events expensive to watch.

sportsfix media distribution

Main Features of the Sportsfix Platform

Stream Sports Events

Attendants to sports events can stream the event through the platform. The streamer gets incentivized with tokens by doing so, and users will be able to watch their favorite sports events for a much lower price.

The bigger your fanbase is on the platform, the more rewards you receive.
Check out the reward structure below:

sportsfix ico benefit structure for streamers

Efficient Content Distribution

The platform reduces intermediaries to the bare minimum and thereby minimizing the cost for the end user.

Community Engagement

With Sportsfix, the community will have the opportunity to choose what kind of content that is going to be available. Through the voting system, the platform efficiently picks the most wanted content.

Live Simulations

Through the streams, the users will be able to interact with other fans within the platform, simulating the experience of being on the arena.


The pre-sale for the SFT token is currently taking place and will last until the start of the public sale next month (August 15). It is currently offering a 30% bonus to investments.
The project has so far raised 1 million USD, while the soft cap is set at 2 million. The hard cap is set to 37,2 million USD.
The main sale is set to start August 15, and it is going to last until October 15, or hard cap is reached.


This application has the potential to replace traditional systems for displaying sports events and matches, as it makes it cheap and easy for fans to follow the team in their hearts.

The project is backed by a successful sports streaming provider (SF Holding) that has over 100,000 users, which shows that they have the competency to run a business. The primary challenge of the platform will be attracting enough users.

This article barely skims through the surface of the project. Click here to read the whitepaper, which contains more information about the product and the technology behind. Follow the project’s website here for more details about the token sale, products, and the team.

Author: Gustafio