Sportsfix Airdrop – Earn $25 + $3 Per Referral (Time: 3 Minutes)

How to Join Airdrop

  1.  Sign up to and verify your mail – $5
  2. Follow Sportsfix on Twitter – $3
  3. Join the Telegram channel – $2
  4. Do basic KYC (name, country and address) – $10
  5. (Optional) Refer people to Telegram and earn $3 per referred member.

Note: You will receive a 20% bonus if you complete all tasks.

Airdrop Value: $25 + $3 in SFT tokens per referred member.
Estimated time: 2 minutes

About Sportsfix

Sportsfix is building a decentralized sports streaming platform. The project aims to become “the Netflix of sports content.” The ecosystem is powered by the Sportsfix (SFT token).
The project has raised over $2 million USD and is rated 4.2 out of 5 by ICObench