SKYFchain Review – The First Business-to-Robots Blockchain

What is SKYFchain

SKYFchain is the world’s first blockchain based operating platform for a new concept called B2R, Business-to-Robots. The company behind this project is doing a token sale to distribute SKYFchain’s nodes to raise capital for development and marketing for their SKYFchain world-based operating platform.

The Token issued in the ICO is SKYFT. SKYFchain is a spin-off of an already successful drone project. This drone is the worlds first unmanned aerial carrier, it can be loaded with contents of up to 400 kg, and can fly up to 350 kilometers per hour.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain is an important component of this project. SKYFchain uses a blockchain with built-in smart contracts that provide a secure source of data and other important sources of digital assets for clients, logistics operators, insurance companies, banks, and authoritarians worldwide. 

With descending protection, SKYF plans to buy back their tokens for $ 50 million over the next five years. According to the business plan, they must first design and develop the SKYF cargo drones and conduct aerodynamic tests.

Allegedly, they have already made the first flight. This year and next year, private blockchains will be developed to create an international and legal structure for sales of the first SKYF drones and the expansion of business partners.

After 2020, a large increase in drone sales is expected. From 2023 the drones will be put into service and the possibility of cargo passengers will come.

The two types of transactions within SKYF will be operational transactions and fintech transactions. 25% of fees on the network will go to token-holders and 25% will go to SKYFchains society for development. 


CEO of the company is Alexander Timofeev, educated at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Latvian State University of Physics. This is the founder of Microbor-Nanotech and InvestKinoProject. He is well-acquainted with the aspiration of investors in Russia as well as globally, and has previously received strong support for several international high-tech projects.

His new company has a team of experienced and successful members who have made a great deal of technology. They also have a strong “board” of advisers, including Alexey Arkhipov, one of the biggest leaders and visionaries in IT in Russia.


SKYFchains ICO has so far received a lot of positive reviews, as well as high ranking among the largest investor portals, including ICOBench, TrackICO, ICObazaar and many more.


The SKYFchain token will have a fixed supply of 1.2 billion tokens. 528 million (44%) of the tokens will be distributed in the ICO.

The project has a soft cap of 5 million USD, while the hard cap is 30 million USD.

Pre-sale of $ 2 million started March 1, and was reached in only 5 days. 51.3 million of the token supply were reserved for pre-sale.

The main-sale started March 10, and the token sale is going to last until August 15. So far the project has sold over 110 million tokens.

Tokens can be purchased for US $ 0.0065 per token.

Additional Info

SKYFchain will be attending many of the biggest conferences this year, including the WBC Summit and HeliRussia in Moscow, Russia.

SKYF’s has been promised to reach several of the largest exchange services approx. 1 week after the end of the ICO. 


SKYFchain Rating
Good idea
Great team with expertise in all the essential fields
Strong advisors
Product is almost done
Good partnerships
Not enough information about approach to upcoming regulation


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