Sidera ICO – Wearable Blockchain Payment Devices

What is Sidera?

Sidera is a platform with an interesting product that you have never seen in the crypto space before. You have probably seen cryptocurrency cards and innovative hardware wallets like Coolwallet that acts as a wallet but can be utilized the same way you would use your credit card.

Sidera, on the other hand, is developing blockchain based smartwatches and wristbands.  In addition to the features, one would expect from a smart-watch/wristband, these products have an integrated cryptocurrency wallet and payment system. Moreover, Blockchain and NFC payments (contactless payments) are both included with this. These features are unique, and there is no current product like this in the market. It gives you an easy way to manage your Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies efficiently no matter where you are.
You don’t even need to bring your wallet when you go to town, as the device allows you to spend your funds at any retailer.

Sidera ico wearable smartwatch wristband

Illustration of the Sidera BitWatch and BitBand

How does it work?

SIDERA will create both wristwatches and wristbands. It works both online and offline, which means that transactions can be done even if it’s not connected to the internet. These devices are based on the ideology that they should be able to work in any environment. With Sidera you can carry, spend and manage your cryptocurrencies efficiently.

  • It can connect with other Sidera devices around its wi-fi range. Then you can manage and send/receive cryptos wrist-to-wrist.
  • With Continuum technology, you can trade cryptocurrencies with the peers and central authority doesn’t need to be counted on.

With the INTERSECT principle the network never weighs down and feature like apps, cryptographic functions and transactions simply cohabit. Your data is most secured here. They all are encrypted and safe in here. You can also keep track of network balance, validated transactions, received network fees and all you can do this worldwide.

What does the project solve?

SIDERA brings an all in one solution for you to manage your Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies. It has a unique idea you’ll never find anywhere else. SIDERA is the world’s first platform that has the ability to solve all your problems related to cryptocurrencies. Sidera’s BitSmart software and DWD devices are the smart solution to convert your currency into USD/EUR/GBP anytime you want. Managing your cryptocurrencies was never this easy. You can carry your cryptos around your wrist, spend it anywhere worldwide. There are some people who understand private keys, public keys, blockchain concepts. But there are others who undergo some difficulties in managing the cryptos. And SIDERA is the solution for them. SIDERA is here to give them the most comfortable solution in this case. It has the most convenient way that anyone can think of.

The SIDERA device

SIDERA provides two different devices. These are Wristwatch and Wristbands. They both are like first digital hardware wallet. Your resources cannot be stolen. They have the most secure advanced anti-theft system. You can use your cryptocurrencies or bitcoin to any shop worldwide by NFC POS Payments (contactless payments). You can also do wrist-to-wrist transactions with other devices. Only by moving your arm and wrist the entropy for your wallet can be generated with Bitsmart. There are also many other features these devices contain. It introduces the Decentralized Wearable Devices – DWD technology to store all your cryptos. It has a smart solution to control all your cryptocurrencies. It has the most advanced multi-layered encrypted option. These devices are app based and are the most secure option for you. Devices can be connected with the specific devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in a certain range to do wrist-to-wrist offline transactions. These devices are secured by Blockchain. These devices contain a built-in NFC module. This will help you to make payment worldwide without any harass. This is called POS payment. The cryptos aren’t accepted worldwide. In this case, your resources will be stored securely offline and you don’t have to worry about it.

Open source and open specifications of ‘Sidera’: This is a great way to enable universal distribution of the ‘Sidera’ protocols. Moreover, it will help to ensure the rapid expansion of the value of its Network too.

The security system of Sidera: Sidera has developed a fully encrypted device. It works with AES 2048 encryption. Basically, it is a military standard. For that reason, the user can feel 100% secure holding their funds in the wallet.


Sidera with “TokenSIM”: ‘TokenSIM’ was the first manufacturer who made sim cards that supports the exchange of cryptocurrencies. It was also permitting decentralization of blockchain based services on mobile. The manufacturer is cooperating with Sidera to make the cryptocurrency space safer. Moreover, they are working together to make it ready and easy to use for the newcomers as well.

The partnership between IBM and Sidera: IBM is always looking for new innovative ideas to get involved with. ‘Sidera’ and its idea attracted IBM to partner up to work together. Besides that, ‘Sidera’ was also looking for the greater global partnerships. In this case, the partnership with IBM  provides them with access to their cloud network as well as their resources like technologies and development.

The partnership between ‘Sidera’ Blockchain and Multiven:  Multiven is the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace. They are the provider of independent and decentralized software integrity maintenance and cyber-defense services. The company also assists with blockchain nodes and hardware. Multiven B-Fence cyber-defence program will include Sidera’s Bitsmart micro-nodes.


From a practical point of view, the Sidera products are awesome.  ‘Sidera’ is a unique invention that is backed by advanced technology. The device makes the management of cryptocurrencies easy for everyone and is makes everyday payments with cryptocurrency even easier than it is with fiat, without making it too time-consuming or technical for the end user.

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Author: Gustafio