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Sharevest ICO Review – Decentralized Stock Trading Platform

Sharevest ICO Overview

Sharevest allows you to buy and sell shares of private companies, in a transparent and decentralized market.

Using blockchain technology, investors’ wet dream becomes a reality. It has never been easier to buy and sell stocks, as well as to send these values between other addresses. And to top it all of – no centralized third party keeps track of your values, these are in control of yourself. Their protocol allows companies to integrate their shares in the decentralized market. From here, they can make their token representing a share in their company.

how sharevest works

The illustration above describes it easily. By using blockchain, you can cut out several intermediaries, which exist today in the traditional market. By moving on stocks today, a process lasts for several days, as there are so many units that will be sent through. On a blockchain, such a transaction will only take a few seconds. Sharevest’s goal is to create an infrastructure on today’s financial ecosystem, which makes it easier for new companies to break through, as everyone in the world has the opportunity to participate in capital gains and ownership of companies.

To put it in a nutshell, Sharevest is the private stock market, but on the blockchain. This brings numerous benefits like decentralization, transparency, tokenization of company shares and easy, secure transfer of them.

Benefits of the platform

Cutting middlemen

By implementing the blockchain, the platform can cut the number of intermediaries to the bare minimum.

For companies

Easier management of shares

Companies can now in a much easier way to manage their company shares. If a company wants to sell shares to raise capital, they can do so easy and quick without losing control.

Get your company listed

It is hard getting listed on the stock exchanges if your company is small. Luckily, every company can create shares for their company on Sharevest, no matter the size.

Crowdfunding campaigns

Companies can create their own crowdfunding campaigns. To start a crowdfunding campaign, the company have to submit the investor pitch, legal details, team, market strategy, use of proceeds and how much of the company equity is for sale.

Sharevest doesn’t just want companies to raise money, but they also require them to offer as much information as possible to provide transparency and confidence to attract investors.

Debt Crowdlending

Companies with longer corporation history will have the ability to apply for loans. The process for crowdlending is similar to the crowdfunding, and the company has to give a breakdown of how the lent funds are going to be spent to provide transparency to the lenders. After the application is filed, the platform provides the company with an estimated score based on their credit score, history and financials. Applying for up to 500,000 USD will be possible.

To make sure the companies are legit, Sharevest will verify financial documents before any application goes live. After the crowdlending campaign is published and has raised their loan, the company will in an agreed beforehand interval update the community about their progress.

For Investors

Detailed data about companies

Investors get access to large data about the companies, making the process of finding the right investment much more manageable. There is data about revenue, webpage traffic, automatic evaluation by the platform, number of investors and more.

Accepting cryptocurrency and fiat

Investors can choose between investing with cryptocurrency or fiat. Accepted cryptocurrencies are SVX ( the native coin on the platform, issued in the Sharevest ICO), Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and others.

Sharevest platform main components

Social Media

An essential part of the platform is the social media aspect. On Sharevest, you will be able to post about your thoughts about investment opportunities, share your knowledge and follow others and learn from them. Additionally, you can choose to have a watch list of your own chosen keywords like “Artificial intelligence” or “virtual reality” to get updated on your favorite industries.
The platform also shows what is “hottest” at the moment by showing what people search for the most.

As well as showing the social media part, your home site on Sharevest will also feature statistics from Sharevest from the previous week. This includes statistics about the number of trades, loans, investments and funding rounds opened. You can also see in real time what stocks are being bought and sold.

Find investment opportunities

The platform is going to feature a unique page to find investment opportunities. Here you can filter the companies by requirements like the stage (seed, early, growth) and sector (IT, automotive, Education).

When you have found an investment company you want to look deeper into, you can start off by checking the company feed. Here investors can share their thoughts about the company, and its prospects as well as relevant news and market analysis.

To learn more about the company, there are specific subpages for the idea, market, team, company documents, updates, investors, and rewards.


During the ICO, Sharevest is going to release their token, SVX. The token is going to be issued as an Ethereum ERC-20 token, and it is going to be a native utility token for the Sharevest platform. The total token supply is 200 million, and 80% is allocated for the ICO participants and early investors.

Token benefits

  • Discounts – The SVX token is going to be used as payment for services and products for a discounted rate
  • Dividends – 25% of all net revenue on the platform is going to be allocated for dividends for the token holders.
  • Subscription packages – Companies have to pay in SVX to join the platform, as well as pay for company data and communication credits.


The exact date for the main ICO has not been set, but interested investors are recommended to register to the whitelist, as a flash sale with over 50% bonus are going to start sometime soon. The main ICO is expected to launch somewhere between July and August.

Sharevest has stated that the token is going to be listed on four exchanges after the ICO.

sharevest listing on four exchanges


Main ICO token price: 0.20 USD
Pre-ICO token price: 0.13 USD
Soft cap: 1 million USD
Hard cap: 21 million USD

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