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SGAMEPRO Game Aggregator ICO – Mine Tokens Through Playing Games

SGAMEPRO is a mobile game aggregator from Switzerland that creates a new ecosystem for players and publishers in the gaming industry. Products created by SGAME pro include

  • Games
  • Challenges with 1vs1 up to 1vs100 PVP options.
  • Live features meant for streaming
  • Earnings
  • Marketplace
  • Referrals

SGM is a mobile game aggregator platform built through the blockchain technology that lets users earn Crypto-tokens by playing some of the most popular games that exist in the world. The SGAME team has ensured that there are a number of benefits that are experienced by SGM users. With a team of highly qualified personnel, SgamePro can efficiently target its most crucial participants namely players, participants, publishers, influencers and merchants at ease.

Through prominent partnerships with renowned gaming influencers like Pewdiepie, SgamePro has to potential to attract a huge number of players to the platform.

SGM reserves a significant portion of their token supply for “game mining” so that the platform can reward players for playing games that they like while influencers are paid for every new user they have managed to recruit into the game. Publishers, on the other hand, are only paying the users for the challenges they manage to accomplish.

Token distribution

SGM contains a total token supply of 350m where 139.5m is sold to what they refer to “long-term strategic partners.” 55m of the remaining tokens is left available for crowdsale while SGM Liquidity Reserve offers 83m. Issuers of the SGAME pro are given a 51m in lockup, SGM founders and advisors are assigned a total of 15m and finally 6.5m for bounties and Airdrops.


• For players – SGM aims at increasing the user’s experience by providing a platform where they can earn by merely playing their all-time favorite games. It is important to note that through SGM, users not only enjoy playing these games but are also able to mine SGM tokens while still at it. Steamers may stream games and get rewarded for that as well, as they are efficently promoting the game for the publisher. Players are also given a platform allowing them to challenge each other online for the rewards in the SgamePro market. This way, they can redeem virtual and physical goods from the marketplace.

• For publishers – SGM gives them a free substantial global internet market allowing them to reach over 60 million users. Also, publishers are permitted to issue rewards to players and especially those participating in the multiplayer games. These rewards may be in the form of bonus given by SGM or by SgamePro influencers. Influencers, in this case, are a group of individuals who generate actual money for their followers.

• For influencers – SgamePro benefits them by helping create traffic through players that are referred to by the influencers. A lead is established whereby influencers can share and invite potential players to the game. After successfully gaining a referral, they are rewarded through part of SGM earnings.

• For merchants – SgamePro can attract and maintain them due to the unique marketplace that they have created. Ideally,  it helps merchants with economies of scale through the platform issued which makes it possible for them to advertise as well as showcase their products to millions of potential buyers.

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