Securix ICO Review: The Investor’s Solution to Cryptocurrency Mining and Market Volatility

What is Securix?

Located in the Netherlands, the company Securix.io specializes in cryptocurrency mining and can host up to 24 000 units which translates to 24.5 mined Bitcoin in a day.

A lot of people have heard of Bitcoin and its overwhelming potential to change the financial industry as we know it. However, there have also been many fears surrounding it, what with many people afraid to risk their money. The question at the top of many ‘would-be-investors’ minds, is how they can benefit at a low risk.

With SRXIO token market volatility loses its potency. The tokens ROI is calculated based on Bitcoins average prices per year so that one knows their chances before they invest in a mining operation, as shown in the image below:

Figure 1: Global Monthly Bitcoin Mining Revenue (July 2018)

Besides, the company’s mining operations have tangible assets and that means that you are protected from crypto valuation swings. It guarantees that you earn a consistent passive income without needing to know everything there is about mining technology.

As it is, 81% of BTC that have already been mined leaving only 3.9 million to mine before reaching the supply cap. The currency has a cap of 21 million. The more Bitcoins that are mined, the more scarce they become in the market and the higher the demand. Consequently, the coin increases in value.

Securix looks to make it possible for anyone to benefit from the cryptocurrency. The token gives the investor rights to 45% of the total bitcoins mined per month. As long as you maintain ownership of the tokens, the smart contract transfers that amount to your wallet in Ether.

Features of the mining facility

Securix’ token-driven platform will have a data center with a decentralized EAN-to-EAN platform. According to the company website, all purchases will go through a green generator and will have no intermediaries. To ensure profits and sustainability, the platform will depend on the following:

  • Green energy

In any mining operation, the most critical part is electricity and there have been concerns over the enormous power demands. Securix stands by protecting the environment. The company is committed to having their energy from natural sources.

The EAN-to-EAN energy trading system helps the company to buy all their energy from wind and solar generators directly. Since there are no intermediaries, the costs of production are inevitably reduced. The company is able to trade without having to handle the financial constraints associated with mining.

  • Thermal storage

Heat generated from spaces in the mining facility will be stored for any heating uses that prove necessary. The company is working with innovators in the industry to make their process efficient.

About the Token

In May of this year, the company raised an initial seed of USD 250 000. The crowdsale is scheduled to start on the 7th of September. The company’s roadmap looks as follows:

Figure 2: Crowdsale Roadmap

The plan is to first update the infrastructure and the electricity of the mining location first. As soon as the crowdsale is over, the company will launch a Mega Vault. The Mega Vault is a wallet that will allow the holders of the tokens to see what is happening at the mining facility.

The token is hardcoded into the ERC20 smart contracts. The idea is such that should the company fail to reach the 3 000 000 soft cap for SRXIO tokens, every investor is reimbursed. The tokens hard cap is set at 55 000 000 tokens.

Unsold tokens will be burned. Some of the benefits of the token include:

  • An increase in value because of a buyback program instituted by the company. Those tokens will also be burned.
  • A 45% revenue output per month given to anyone who holds the tokens.
  • An increase in the amount/output per token. This will follow a decrease in the number of tokens due to the buyback initiative.
  • EAN-to-EAN energy. This green generator helps the company to keep their processes environment-friendly.
  • A cutting-edge method for acquiring mining hardware. Based on performance, unit price and power usage.
  • Output distributed to token owners through ERC20 smart contracts
  • Projections based on research to secure realistic ROIs
  • Asset-backed token – the mining machines and investments on green energy in the mining facility
  • A monthly reinvestment – The company is planning to reinvest 10% of their mining revenues into the facility and maintaining the machines.

The tokens will be disbursed as follows:

Figure 3: Token Disbursement


If Securix does well, it will make it easy for investors to earn without having to worry about volatility. Anyone who has invested in anything knows that risk is part of a worthy investment and yet, Securix will almost eliminate risk for the investor. This issue alone presents an excellent opportunity for growth.

However, the company has also chosen an excellent headquarters, the Netherlands, which will contribute to scalability, security, strategy, and safety. What’s more, the staff members are well equipped to see the ICO meet its ambitious goals. The team will, however, have to invest in a strong technology team if they are going to build confidence. As it is, there was a former ICO project with a similar concept that did not take to after the crowdsale and investors need to know that will not happen.

Further Reading

Website: https://securix.io/

White Paper: https://securix.io/wp/Securix_Whitepaper

Author: Dantrevons



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