Aworker ICO – Recruitment Platform on the Blockchain

What is Aworker?

Aworker introduces a new blockchain platform that will revolutionize the way employers get in touch with potential workers worldwide. It’s a platform where the worker’s skills are matched with those who announce work within their field. The unique component in the platform is the utilization of blockchain technology. Because of this, Aworker believes that they have the potential to create a more efficient recruitment platform than the leading recruitment platforms today.

Problems with recruitment today

One of the current problems with recruitment is that it is difficult to find the right, good employees. Hiring employees through a headhunter is often an expensive process, as well as in smaller positions where one has to advertise through various third parties who would like their share in return. It is also not easy to evaluate a person through a sheet that the person himself has written. On a blockchain, however, information is stored and accessible forever. It can’t be manipulated, which would give us a transparent and honest “cv” on the blockchain.

For job seekers, it is also difficult to apply for a job without passing through portals where you have to give up personal information, like other invitees who do not have anything to do with the recruitment process. Aworker, on the other hand, has a P2P (peer-2-peer) platform based on blockchain technology.

With the power of smart contracts, it is now possible to change how the process works today: you make your own rules and those who help you with recruitment are rewarded automatically. People can earn money for their relationships. If you have a large network, you may as well work as a headhunter, because the rewards are great.

You can create custom wish lists of skills you want when looking for new employees, and they will also earn from the first moment even on the job interview. Jobseekers will have the ability to monitor the availability of their data and earn extra on it. Today people send their personal information free of charge, without even knowing that they are being exploited. In this way, power is given back to the consumers.

WORK Token

The team behind the Aworker platform is releasing their own token, WORK. WORK is an erc-20 token on the ethereum blockchain.

The token is an utility token. It will mainly be used for payment for services and products on the Aworker platform, advertising, and most importantly; allocation of profiles for job search. This means that every time a company wants to find an employee through the platform, they have to pay a fee in WORK tokens.

With the help of the Aworker platform, the WORK token and the blockchain, Aworker will help people find better jobs and companies will get a more transparent and honest process to find new, competent workers.


The Token sales of WORK tokens are well underway and the ICO is currently in the fourth private sale. In this phase, contributers will receive a 20% discount on tokens.

The date for the main sale has not been announced yet. So far, over 2000 ETH has been contributed to the project. The hard cap of the project is 24,774 ETH. The team has been KYC verified by SUM & SUBSTANCE.

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Author: Gustafio