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Qwin Airdrop Valued $4 – Crowdfunding Lottery Platform

qwin airdrop

About Quin.World

Quins is a lottery based platform, where the key difference is that here, the winner is not chosen by chance. Users crowdfund prizes, and the user that buys the last block wins the prize!

This is a short explanation on how QWIN works:

  1. 📌 In order to win you need to ADD THE LAST BLOCK 🤔
  2. E.g. you want to win a prize of 100 Qwin tokens, you add a block and you get a response that your added block is No. 80 – it means there are 20 more blocks missing to win 10 tokens – now all you need to hurry up to add last two blocks ❗️ 🤞
  3. 💰You have just won 100 tokens 🎉 Your net balance of such luck is +70 tokens (100 won minus 30 spent).

The same concept applies for all prizes. The Qwins platform offers a wide range of prizes, ranging from Xboxes, gift cards to rewards in Ethereum.

Airdrop Info

In this airdrop, every participants can redeem up to 133 Qwinz tokens plus 50 tokens for each referred friend.

Airdrop Rating: 3.5/5
Airdrop value: $4 + $1.3 per referral  in Qwin tokens
Verified team: ✅

How To Claim Airdrop

  1. Register to the platform
  2. Confirm your account (SMS verification)
  3. You will receive 50 tokens for registering
  4. Do social media tasks and earn up to 82 tokens
  5. Tokens will be issued directly to your account.
  6. Optional – Earn 50 tokens per referred friend (1.3)

Tokens can be used directly on the lottery platform, or you can sell them after the ICO is finished.

Quin Platform Introduction Video




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