Qurrex ICO – Hybrid Exchange -The Fastest Crypto Exchange To Date


The following project is called Qurrex, and it is currently conducting a fundraiser to launch a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange service, where you also have the opportunity to trade traditional shares. According to their own statements, they are the very first platform where this is possible, and is a hybrid exchange service where investors within the cryptocurrency and traditional share environment meet.

The First Hybrid Exchange

Here, you have the opportunity to trade stocks on the world’s leading exchanges, such as NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE and more. Qurrex addresses one of today’s issues in dealing with digital values ​​such as security, usability and more. This product has the potential to outperform several of today’s largest exchanges and exchange services.


Security is a major problem in this industry. Qurrex has put a lot of emphasis on this and has worked extensively to protect their future users by storing digital values ​​in “cold” storage devices.


The exchange will also offer an algorithmic trade option as well as professional order types such as GTC, IOC, GTD, and FOK.

Tools such as messaging server, database and a forum where you get access to technical analysis and other types of visual tools. Here you will also receive relevant and important news that may affect the market.

The platform is confirmed to be integrated with Bancor’s protocol after ICO.

The Fastest Exchange in The World

Qurrex promises a transaction rate of over 70,000 transactions per second, which is extremely high compared to competitors and is the fastest in the industry, Poloniex (6,000) and Bitfinex (8,000).

In addition, they have the capacity to be able to handle several million customers at the same time.

The service will also be integrated with CEX and DEX with the order book that will provide high liquidity.


Team & Partners

The founder of the company is Dutch Matthijs Johan Lek who has worked in finance for over 20 years.
Under his leadership is a team of stock traders and advisors who have long experience in forex trading, development of trading strategies, algorithms and robot-trading.
Co-founder,  Slava Baikalov, has over 10 years specialized experience in finance, investment, investment analysis and capital acquisition and has been active in the trade of cryptocurrencies in recent years.
Qurrex has a number of profiled partners as well, including Andromeda Group, Bancor, Sunbay, KYC Legal, BlockStart and more.


The public token sale of the Qurrex token started June 10 and lasts for 20 days.
A total of 55 million tokens will be sold under the ICO out of 70 million (total token supply).
During the pre-sale, 17 million tokens were sold.
The Token is of the ERC20 standard and goes under the ticker QRX.
The company behind is based on the Cayman Islands, which is a popular destination for blockchain startups due to their positive view of technology.
The Token is a utility token, which means that it is a token that is laid for use, and is the main value used on Qurrex’s platform.

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Author: Gustafio – Bitcointalk