Quencies: Mainstreaming NFTs in the Service of Artistry

Crypto-art has been making waves globally. A short while ago, an artist sold a video by Elon Musk’s girlfriend for $390 000 while another less than a minute video by Beeple entered the UK auctioneer Christie’s catalog. A GIF from YouTube with a catchy song and an animated cat became a sensation on the internet last year. Its creator made a rendition and sold it for $590 000 in an auction online. Investing in art is like a rite of passage for financial heavyweights. Yet, many artists from different industries do not know how to take advantage of this.

About Quencies looks to become an inclusive platform by inviting and training people of all nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, ages, and genders to make digital assets mainstream. The platform is a secure, fair, and transparent peer-to-peer digital asset market for collectors, creators, and investors. There, users can upload their digital assets like animation, music files, art, and music videos. Quencies are paving a more affordable and easier way for sellers to distribute their assets. The company hopes to become the preferred supplier for all digital assets (NFTs) for all the stakeholders in the world. Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique assets that can be sold and bought in the digital world, like other property types – like artwork, tweets, animation, graphics, and music.

The British-based NFT marketplace is based on the binance smart chain and so digital artists can expect more security and a higher value for work. The platform is designed to save NFT creators fees on creating their NFT tokens, saving them hundreds for each token. Users will get to auction their items or sell them at a one-off price. After selling, the seller can turn their asset into an NFT, saving on gas fees for the digital assets. Quencies will have a social media platform where users can share NFT information.

On the social media mobile app, users will follow, like, comment, and share on the NFT possessions and work. The app will have a medium to facilitate asset managers, blockchain specialists, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to interact. The platform will also offer different licensed NFTs from social media influencers, celebrities, Bollywood, and Hollywood.

There will be a 500 million circulating supply of Quencies (QUE) which will be burnt later. The team is planning on making the utility token available from different exchanges – it will be going onto PancakeSwap on the 1st of June, 2021. The organization behind Quencies is working with developers to create a fairer market for digital assets. The goal is to make sure that artsy people can create NFTs and supply them regardless of where they are from in the world. That way, they can attain financial freedom and stability.

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