Plosive Mobile Mining Platform

Over the years, crypto mining has been one way for some people to get cryptocurrency, however, the processes involved in mining can be really expensive, considering the cost of the mining hardware and power consumption involved in mining the cryptocurrency. Crypto mining has not been lucrative for everyone involved, and thus, only people who could afford the expensive computers and mining equipments, could enjoy the benefits of crypto mining.

Interestingly, times keep changing, and technology keeps getting better. Some years ago, no one thought it would be possible for people to use their smartphones to mine cryptocurrency, but here we are, in a new era where smartphones can perform the same functions as the expensive crypto mining equipments.

Plosive Mobile Mining

Plosive is an innovation that allows users to mine cryptocurrency with the aid of their smartphones. There are more smartphones in the world than there are computers, and every second, tons of data gets transferred and shared through these smartphones. With the Plosive platform, crypto mining can happen daily without hampering other uses of the smartphone for the user. This method of mining is scalable and will use the power of the phone’s processor to facilitate the mining activities. Furthermore, as opposed to using mining rigs that consume a lot of power, Plosive mobile mining is eco-friendly and the power consumption rate is very low.


Plosive mobile mining comes with amazing features that make it one of the best innovative technologies to hit the crypto community. Some of the features include:

  • P2P Mining

Crypto gets mined and maintained using the person-to-person protocol.

  • Multisystem Mining

Users of the platform can make use of the different integrated systems within the platform including the crypto wallet, mining solutions, and the availability of the app on iOS and Android devices.

  • Maximum Rewards

The platform makes use of a consensus algorithm that is designed to maximize rewards. The consensus mechanism of the mining platform combines the Proof of Execution (PoE) and Proof of Work (PoW) algorithms, and this allows the miners to get rewarded for the total time executed in mining via the app.

  • PLO transactions

Users will be able to make payments for goods purchased with PLO coins, via linked POS terminals

  • Background Mining

Users do not need to worry about the app preventing them from using their smartphones, the mining can take place in the background while they use their phones for normal operations.

With more than 2.1 billion smartphone users in the world, mobile mining may just be the next big thing, and Plosive id bringing the innovation to users in different parts of the world.

There are two versions of Plosive:

  • Simulated Version

It was created so that people, who are not so sure about the operations of the real version, get some experience.

Errors can easily be wiped, and it can facilitate the creation of prototypes and modifications, among other features.

  • Real Version

Low entry barrier for miners.

PLO coins are acquired

All miners that use the app are rewarded

It monitors and prevents overheating

Plosive intends to make crypto mining as easy and straightforward as possible, and the benefits are numerous for its users.

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