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Plentix ICO Overview – Dezentralized Referral/Reward Platform

Plentix ICO Overview

The following project is targeting the marketing industry, and it utilizes blockchain technology to connect the actors. In the future, the project is subject to a coin issue (ICO) in the near future to collect capital to launch the product. This article is intended to be an objective overview of the selected project and is not intended as investment advice.

About the Plentix Platform

Plentix is a platform that connects companies and marketers on a blockchain. This is a modular tokenized platform that will provide more benefits than disadvantages for all parties of the ecosystem. As all data is transparent, there will be greater accessibility for everyone to gain insight into the information it is natural to access. This leads to less corruption in this industry. By keeping Plentix’s own digital value, you will help earn the platform’s growth.

On Plentix’s user interface, you can easily refer new users. The user as a verifier will receive discount codes that can be used to buy products that the company offers. The rewards are tokenized, and the token can then be exchanged for other currencies on cryptocurrency exchanges. On this platform, you have the opportunity to work from all the time, anywhere in the world. All you need to do work and get paid for the job is the internet.

Plentix offers a referral platform for companies that do not have the capacity to build it themselves. It’s easy to use and is a revolutionary way for companies to pick up valuable labor force. This saves a lot of expenses when it comes to hiring physical employees in a company. 

According to their business plan, the public launch of the application will take place during the first quarter of 2019.

Plentix Ecosystem

The ecosystem is going to utilize the native Plentix (REFER) token to pay on other stores that use the same platform within the ecosystem. Thir decentralized application will have an API that can be integrated into website easily.

plentix ico ecosystem

Programmers can get into the ecosystem and help companies and get paid by performing work tasks, such as API entry and other technical work.

Users only have one application to handle their references for their site. This will be a great relief for those who work to market several products from several different websites. All payments will also be made instantly, users earn the reward directly instead of waiting for the distribution date set by the company. Smart contracts automate it all and make it much more flexible to do transactions of services. By using Plasma, you can also make transactions even faster by having it on a sidechain. This will adjust the rate of operations a lot compared to those applications that do not take care of such data off-chain.

Plentix (REFER token) ICO

For the time being, the capital acquisition for the project has not yet begun. Pre-sale is on the way soon, but the dates for the token sales has not been published yet. It is currently possible to be listed for whitelisting for the pre-sale.

Useful Resources

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