PigByt: Crypto Built For the Investor

PigByt is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that deploys an automated liquidity protocol to generate liquidity and allow users to swap tokens directly. PigByt is built on the fast-growing BSC, powering the seamless swapping of its BEP20 tokens. The decentralized protocol eliminates the need for a third party to facilitate traders between users.

The PigByt project is designed to bring value that will drive growth. PigByt embeds this investor-driven approach to its native token $PBT, a BEP20 token. Designed to be a stable store of value, $PBT enables users to conveniently save their digital assets despite the highly volatile crypto environment.

How PigByt Works

PigByt utilizes a triad approach for its investor-focus model to build a functioning product for all users. The platform provides incentives for holding $PBT and models the token to have an appreciating value. Each trade using $PBT will incur an 8% transaction fee. Of this fee, 4% is sent to the token holders in proportion to the number of tokens held. The remaining 4% of the transaction fee is automatically added to PigByt’s liquidity pool on PancakeSwap, enhancing the token’s utility.

PigByt achieves growth for investors through the following ways:

Holder Rewards: The project provides rewards to token holders for each transaction of $PBT. This incentive encourages token holders not only to hold more tokens but also to hold for longer periods. With fewer users selling their tokens, $PBT can weather the turbulent crypto markets that experience high volatility.

Automated Liquidity: Each transaction using $PBT also incurs a fee sent to PigByt’s liquidity pool on PancakeSwap decentralized exchange (DEX). Providing liquidity to BSC’s largest DEX makes the token more accessible to BSC developers, projects, and users. This accessibility increases $PBT’s applications and drives up the token’s demand and its value.

Burning Tokens: $PBT is a deflationary token. That is, its supply falls gradually with time. PigByt deploys a manual plan to burn $PBT for the investor’s benefit in a transparent manner. While the token utility increases with time, manually limiting $PBT’s supply will drive even more demand for the token, building value on the token.

Built for Stability

Token stability is at the core of PigByt and forms the project’s unique selling proposition, unlike multiple digital assets that are volatile.

Investors looking to save or grow their assets will choose an option that offers the minimum risks and the highest possible returns.  With PigByt, users can conveniently keep their digital assets using $PBT since the token’s mechanism stimulates utility and demand, growing its value steadily.

$PBT Tokenomics

$PBT has a total supply of 800 trillion tokens. 10% of the token supply is reserved for the IDO pre-sale, while 2%, 1.2%, and 0.8% are allocated to marketing, seed sale, and development, respectively. 688 trillion $PBT will be up for public sale.

In the ongoing IDO, users can purchase $PBT without any minimum or maximum limits to buying the tokens. Soon after, the token will list on PancakeSwap. To buy $PBT, ensure you set up a BSC-supported wallet like Metamask or TrustWallet, and connect it if you have none.

PigByt Roadmap

PigByt will roll out features in phases scheduled into four quarters. As of June 2021, the project is conducting protocol initialization, with a marketing campaign planned for Q4 of 2021. In Q1 of 2022, the project will launch the public sale, list on PancakeSwap, and fundraise to list on other top exchanges. The final phase will see the project develop its mobile app, a wallet, and DEX.

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