P2P Solutions Foundation ICO Review: The World’s First Interference-Free, Secure Communication System

What is P2PS?

The P2P Solutions Foundation is an interface powered by blockchain. It provides a decentralized system of peer to peer communication for users. With P2PS, there will no longer be a need for third-party meddlers or intermediaries.

A Push System of the platform was founded for the first time in 2010 in March under the company Incorporation of Innovative Solutions International under the US-based Limited Liability. It was later on rebranded as a corporation for research and development. The Push System offers an interference-free and secure digital system; however, it was first in September 2017 that the P2P Solutions Foundations was fully integrated and developed.

Purpose – Solving a Global Problem:

Until very recently, digitalized data exchange online has never been 100 percent secure and confidential. This has been the case with transactions even in seemingly private networking systems. The aim of P2PSF is to provide its users with a completely secure exchange system between peer to peer where the user is guaranteed security and confidentiality in the network.

P2PSF token, which is a crypto token compliant with ERC20 on Ethereum network will be utilized by the platform of digital solutions. Clients will use these token to facilitate transactions on decentralized, interference-free, secure, peer to peer systems of communications. There are two stages to the ICO P2PSF tokens. The first stage was recently concluded and the second stage commenced recently on April 2nd, 2018.

Features and Services:

Data vulnerability is perhaps one of the biggest let-downs when it comes to digital storage systems and exchange. Any kind of information that is held online becomes susceptible to breach of data, cybersecurity issues and hacking. There is so much sensitive data that is passed around online, and it is no longer a luxury but a necessity to have a secured and discreet system of communications.

P2PSF is one of the first that is now offering a decentralized form of peer to peer networking system which offers complete privacy and safeguards the data of users. P2PS assures users that it can securely lock and make inaccessible to third parties any exchange of sensitive information like classified government documents, banking details, medical records, etc.

Additionally, P2PSF also utilizes blockchain technology. Its decentralized system is due to the implementation of its program on the blockchain. The P2PS operates by breaking down any given data into multiple smaller bits and stores it in pieces of information. This is a fail-proof system because they do not store information as a whole and hence it makes it completely impracticable for the hackers to access every one of the hubs where the pieces are stored and restore the accessed data in an understandable and comprehensible form.

Problems Solved:

• P2PS offers a platform for fixing issues of any data breach which has become common to any data stored digitally.

• Besides safeguarding and securing information, P2PS also offers a solution to the interference of information which ensures that all private information is kept classified.

Why is P2PSF Unique?

• P2PS tokens are actually utility tokens created to accelerate services and transaction in the P2PS platform.

• Any given platform of communication systems can integrate P2PS for a high level of security and privacy concerning their assets like Banking and Finance sectors, Digital Education, Government and Defense, Medical and Pharmaceutical and other similar high-security corporate sectors which deal with a high level of sensitive data.

• It is expected that eventually, traditional licenses will pave the way for the demand for P2PS tokens. Educational systems commonly use these traditional systems – eLearning solutions and Electronic Learning Inc. – Pan Excels.

Use of Funds and Projected Value:

P2PS is expected to increase in its overall value because of various service providers, merchants and markets in different countries all over the world which embraces the ecosystem of P2PS because of its agile, user-friendly and multilingual interface.

Token Metrics:


• ICO Start: April 02, 2018

• ICO End: August 31, 2018

• Accepted currencies: ETH, BCH, BTC, LTC

• Number of Tokens for sale: 50,000,000 P2PS (50%)

• Tokens exchange rate: 250 P2PS = 1 ETH / 0.06 BTC/ 6 LTC

• Soft Cap: $750000 equivalent ( read Pre ICO and ICO section in FAQ )

• Hard Cap: $50 Million Equivalent

• Minimum Transaction Amount: 50 P2PS



Thanks to the P2PSF innovation, peer to peer communications have never been more private and secure. P2PS receives support from a top-notch team consisting of some of the top advisors in the crypto space as well as experienced and skilled engineers, tech analysts, specialists and consultants in telecommunications, etc. It is a group that is inclusive of systems and network administrators. Currently, the system of digital solutions is in partnership with a good number of organizations which includes the likes of Soho Loft Media Group, Pan Excel, Koles Coin News, etc.

Author: Gustafio