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OPP Open WiFi ICO Review: Free WiFi Community

There are over 2 billion mobile users in the world and each one of them pays a monthly bill. However, every day most of us find ourselves in the situation where we cannot get online or where we have to pay additional money for the possibility to reach the World Wide Web.

There is one more issue which is just another side of the medal. We hardly ever fully use the data that we are granted according to the mobile phone or home ISP contracts and simply waste our money.

Opp Open WiFi offers a solution for both of these problems.

The project allows its users to monetize the unused traffic. There are three components that make it possible: technology, a mobile app and a router. Install the app to make your mobile phone or PC a hotspot, request a home / business router from the project’s website, share your unused data and get reward for the donation.

How it works

The solution that the project offers is simple as 1-2-3 and works both for businesses and for end-users.

  1. Download the app for mobile devices or order a pre-configured router.
  2. The app will activate the mobile hotspot function on your device that will be available for people located in your area. The router plays the same role once plugged into an existing device.
  3. Specify how much data you want to donate.
  4. Make your hotspot host available for at least one hour a day to meet the smart contract requirements and get the payment. Each device that contributes to the global network gets payment on a daily basis.

OPP Open WiFi mobile app interface

OPP tokens

The system is fueled by OPP tokens. These tokens are used to reward the network participants. You can earn tokens in 3 ways:

  1. Register a Hotspot host and share the unused data with the network.
  2. View the messages from advertisers. You will receive push notifications from advertisers and you can specify the number and the type of messages you want to view. Advertisers from their side we will have the information about who views their messages and how often they do this.
  3. Spread the word about the project and invite more hosts to join the network. The project conducts the airdrop campaign. You can get 20 OPP (~$8) for sharing the information about the project across your social network accounts and 5 OPP (~$2) for each friend that signs up using your referral link

The tokens can be exchanged to FIAT on crypto platforms or through the project’s portal. A user would be able to cover his or her costly mobile phone bills by simply joining the network.

The amount of tokens is limited and their value is expected to grow. If the project reaches its goals and gains millions of users all over the world, the token price will surely be significant.


OPP Open WiFi Linkedin profile

There are 12 experts working on the project. You can find the description of the key team members below.

Martin Regan

Entrepreneur & CEO

For the last several years, Martin has been working as a managing director in such companies as Isis Business Centre, Vizz WIFI and Lionheart Entertainment. He has solid experience in strategic and operational planning for IT companies.

Martin’s Linkedin profile

Phillip Legg

Head of Technology & Security

Philip started his career in the IT area in 1983 as a programmer of IBM, production and accounting systems. Later he dived deeper into the IT technologies and developed skills in MS Access, ASP, PHP, JS and other adjacent areas. He’s been working together with Martin for 20 years and now he’s responsible for the development of OnPolePosition guest WiFi system.

Phillip’s Linkedin profile

Joanna Nemes

Marketing Coordinator

Joanna graduated from the University of Budapest in 2011 and has the degree in journalism. She joined the team in 2012 as a marketing manager and has quickly become one of the key players. She is skilful in PR and marketing and provides the project with the necessary marketing support.

Joanna’s Linkedin profile

Social media analysis

*Note that the following details are as of 31/08/2018.

Facebook – 23 600 page likes, 23 800 follows

Twitter – 214 tweets, 11 700 followers

Telegram – 23 600 members

Medium – 10 posts, 83 followers

YouTube – 2 videos, 1000 views

Reddit – 30 posts, 130 subscribers

Github – 3 commits over the last 3 months

ICO details

Ticker: OPP
Founders sale price: $0.20 per token with 50% bonus.
Pre-sale price: $0.24 per token with 40% bonus.
Public sale price: $0.26 – $0.36 per token with 35%-10% bonus.
Public sale price with no discount: $0.4 per token.

Funds disbursement:

  • Operational Costs – 10%
  • R&D – 25%
  • Marketing & Advertising – 50%
  • Advocates, Consultants & Advisors – 15%

KYC: Only the basic information is required, such as your name, email address and a link to your social media profile.
Accepted currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, ETH, BTC. Payments in FIAT can be conducted with a bank card or wire transfer.
Minimum investments: 25 USD / EUR / GBP.
Maximum investments: no limitations.
Website: https://www.oppopenwifi.com/
White Paper
: https://www.oppopenwifi.com/oppwhite20180627.pdf?t=v6

Initial token allocation:

  • Tokens allocated to hosts – 1.25 M
  • Tokens allocated to pay push notification readers – 0.25 M
  • Tokens allocated to Referral/Bounty program – 0.71 M
  • Tokens allocated to founders and investors – 142 M


The project’s idea is really great and it may help businesses save money and the app’s users get internet access in places where it was previously unavailable. The team that works on the project consists of real experts. The project’s founders have been working in the IT industry for many years and have solid experience in this area.

However, the project is only at the idea stage and there is no viable product that has been developed so far. The Github activity leaves much to be desired.

Author: Gustafio