Open Collectors Network – Easy Solution to Tokenize Everything

Open Collectors Network is created to build an open and decentralized platform that allows every industry to utilize blockchain technology. The goal is to create a system where everyone can easily create and customize tokens in an open market based on a decentralized network that can never be short-circuited, as is the case on most centralized platforms today. The Open Collector project will make it fun for everyday users to convert and create their assets on the blockchain.

The platform will use their own token, ECTO, which will be used as a means of payment for creations and transaction costs. The standard contract type is ERC-721, on top of Ethereum’s blockchain, and it ensures transfer of ownership and individual tokens from one contract to another. Each token created can be identified through information in terms of contract addresses and token identification numbers. There are several good characteristics of the project, and there are characteristics that make the project stand out from similar projects.

The first is openness: The system is built on top of an open standard with a source code that is available to anyone who wishes to keep track of developments. Built on top of Ethereum’s ecosystem, it makes it compatible with tokens that already exist. Ethereum is currently the most adopted platform for cryptocurrency tokens, and it does not appear that ICOs will stop using this technology. With the help of Ethereum smart contracts, the Open Collector Network will provide transparent data to the people, fully decentralized, providing the ability to track all transactions and owners of tokens. The code is signed and publicly verified to allow us to trust each other, even though we will never meet in person.

The platform will not only let you create your own tokens, but a token is of no use if you have no place to exchange them. That’s why the team created the Social Market, a decentralized marketplace where any token can be exchanged.

The project has the potential to solve one of the biggest challenges in the crypto space: Mass Usability. Open Collector Network will enable even beginners to start the crypto commerce. The tokens can be listed on other exchanges as well. With Ethereum-based tokens, it’s easy to submit their own token values ​​to exchange services for listing, as it’s a small job to enter info from the same protocol.

Potential Usecases

The use cases for creating a new token on Open Collectors Network is unlimited.

Example 1:

You own a business, and you want to raise money to expand your company. You create a token with incentives for others to buy, e.g. profit sharing/special price of the product your company sells or any other incentive.

Example 2:

You are an artist/creator. You can tokenize your digital creations on the blockchain. These can then be sold on the marketplace.

Example 3:

You have a company. You can tokenize your company through Open Collectors Networks open API and receive all the benefits of the blockchain.

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Token Symbol: ECTO

Price: 1 ETH = 6000 ECTO

Soft Cap: 3 million USD (including bonus)

Hard Cap: 10 million USD (including bonus)

Total Supply: 150,000,000 (150 million)

Tokens for sale in ICO: 97,500,000 (95,5 million) – 65% of Token supply – Unsold tokens will be burned

Pre-ICO: Ended

Main-ICO: 2018-06-20 – 2018-07-20


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Test out the prototype here: alpha.opencollectors.network


Author: Gustafio