carsten hjelde bets on cryptocurrency

Norwegian Investor Believes Everyone Should Invest In Cryptocurrency

“I think everyone should have a little cryptocurrency in their portfolio,” says investor Carsten Hjelde. Last year, he tripled the value of his investments in cryptocurrencies.

“I’m driving Tesla, of course,” says the Norwegian Carsten Hjelde, owner of the investment company Acini Capital to the news outlet Dagens Næringsliv.

Carsten defines himself as an ethical investor. He is building a school in Kenya, building his own house that produces more power than it consumes and invests only in companies that he believes are sustainable – and cryptocurrencies.

It pays off handsomely.

Last year, 49-year-old Carsten Hjelde earned NOK 115 million (=~ $14 million) before tax through Acini Capital. Acini are family-owned and controlled 52 percent of Carsten Hjelde, who is responsible for the investments.

Thinks everyone should have a little cryptocurrency

In the family company’s portfolio, Hjelde has sneaked in a little cryptourrency as a bet on the future.

“I really mean that everybody should have a bit of cryptocurrency in their portfolio,” Hjelde says.

According to the annual accounts, Acini Capital has bought cryptocurrency for approximately 1.4 million USD. At the end of the year, these values were worth $ 3.4 million. Since then, the market value of all cryptocurrencies in circulation has fallen by 60 percent.

– Two things can happen with cryptocurrency. It can either go to zero, something I do not think will happen, or it can go up to very big values, “Hjelde says.

He does not want to say which cryptocurrencies the company has invested in, but says it is a combination of the largest measured in market value.

The single largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is by some means a completely revolutionary technology, while the central banks has called it a bubble, ponzis fraud and environmental disaster.

“It’s a huge problem, but I think it’s a temporary matter and it can not continue. There is so much money and resources inside this. I think some smart heads are able to find a way to push this forward, “Hjelde says, convinced that the cryptocurrency will stay in one form or another.

– But it will never be a global currency?

– Well, maybe it will be. There are many who have called for a global currency, he says.