Norwegian Crypto Mining Company Receives Terrorist Threat

Norwegian Crypto Mining Company Receives Bomb Threat Because of Noise

The company Kryptovault operates with the production of bitcoins in several parts of the country and is in open conflict with locals around several of its premises.

Neighbors in both Hønefoss and Dale in Hordaland county complain about noise from the fans that cool down the large computer systems. Additionally, the company wishes to expand its production in several places in the country.

Just a few hours after the case of the mining company’s plans to expand was published, an email was sent to the company, which was formulated as a threat.

Society and media contact in Kryptovault, Gjermund Hagesæter, says they are taking the matter at the highest seriousness.

“It’s not a well-formulated threat, but we have to take it seriously with respect for our employees,” said the former politician.

It is not clear which factory the threat is aimed at, but the company thinks it is about the center at Dale.

«Explosives are the best»

The first time NRK wrote about the conflict around the company was early this summer. Then neighbors told me they had to move if the noise continued.

NRK has seen the e-mail, which is from an anonymous sender. This means, among other things, that “all their buildings will be sabotaged” and that “I believe explosives are the best” – if they expand their business.

According to Hagesæter, the threat was sent via the contact form on their own website. He says he reacted with shock.

– We have been exposed to negative reviews for a long time. We do not basically believe that anyone has the ability and willingness to accomplish this. But we have informed all other addicts and keep our eyes open to suspicious activity, “he said….

Gjermund Hagesæter

– SERIOUS: Gjermund Hagesæter says Kryptovault is taking the threat very seriously.
Photo: Olav Heggø / Olav Heggø / FotoVisjon AS

Prepared to evacuate

All employees are currently at work, but Hagesæter says they are prepared to evacuate people in the short term.

“It’s not the case that our workers are going to be in fear of the workplace,” he says.

The threat was reported to the police on Monday morning. West police district confirms that they have received the notification and that the case is taken seriously.

“We take it seriously and it’s a priority,” said police chief servant Bjørn Inge Aarsand at Voss Police station.

The case is being investigated at the police’s joint criminal case department in Bergen.

“We put down a group and consider the threat to see if we need to take any action. We are taking all threats of bombs for what they are and investigating it. When someone sends off such writing material, it must be taken seriously, “says Gustav Landro, chief of staff in the police district.

GROWING COMPANY: Kryptovault has three plants in Norway, and plans to expand.

Photo: NRK