NFT Warehouse NFTW Token technology upgrades to launch HumpNet and Eeefinity

NFT Warehouse NFTW Token announced HumpNet, an Ethereum-based second-tier solution, and Eeefinity, a side chain that enables multi-chain interoperability. 

NFT Warehouse NFTW Token announces two future expansion options

With the rise in Ethereum prices and the large number of chain transactions, developers of the Ethereum ecosystem, such as Decentrization Finance (DeFi),and the development of non-homogeneous tokens (NFT), are faced with a common challenge, namely, high transaction fees.

To reduce the dilemma facing the Ethereum NFT ecosystem, Ethereum Gaming and Digital Collectibles trading platform NFT Warehouse NFTW Token will develop two solutions. These include HumpNet, a second-tier-based solution for Taifang, and Eeefinity, a  side chain that enables multi-chain interoperability 

The NFT Warehouse NFTW Token team said:

“These technologies will enable developers to reach mainstream users and provide a modern experience without worrying about the unpredictable business costs associated with Gas charges.”  」

HumpNet – Ethereum Tier 2 Solution

HumpNet is a PoA-based consents us algorithm and Layer2 solution based on Ethereum networks that enables gas-free trading of NFT Warehouse NFTW Token( NFTW )and ERC-1155  tokens.  The initial version of HumpNet will have the following core scenarios:

Transfer NFT Warehouse NFTW Token ( NFTW ) from Ethereum to  HumpNet. 

Send and receive NFT Warehouse NFTW Token (NFTW) and ERC-1155 tokens for free.

ERC-1155 Zero GAS Mint

Trade ERC-1155 tokens for free.

NFT Warehouse NFTW Token (NFTW) and ERC-1155  tokens are distributed through QR code zero  GAS. 

Eeefinity – NFT’s multi-chain highway

Eeefinity, on the other hand, is a non-Ethereum-based blockchain network developed by the NFT Warehouse NFTW Token team that interoperates with blockchains other than Ethereum and supports tokens for all blockchain networks. The network program is designed to address market fragmentation in the current NFT space.  In a way, Eeefinity’s launch seems to have a lot to do with flow blockchain.

Token value increases

NFT Warehouse NFTW Token (NFTW)tokens have been up in a frenzy recently, and the upward trend does not seem to have stopped, and the introduction of both solutions means that NFT Warehouse NFTW Token (NFTW)will transform from a simple applied token into the underlying token of the Layer2 protocol HumpNet and Eeefinity blockchain network, which, in addition to   enhancing the demand for tokens themselves, also gives the token a higher profile.

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