suchapp new bounty

Suchapp is Airdropping $100,000 – $14 million sold in ICO, rated 4.3 on ICObench

Suchapp is a blockchain based messenger app that finished their ICO in June, where the project raised a total of $14.5 million USD.

The project is rated 4.6 on ICObench

The project is currently doing an airdrop/bounty to raise awareness of the project. There is a total amount of  2 Million SP tokens allocated towards this program ( worth $100,000 estimated from ICO price)

How to Opt-in for airdrop

  1. Sign up to the airdrop here.
  2. Fill in your info.
  3. Verify your email-address.
  4. Earn more points by doing tasks on the platform.

Airdrop Info

Estimated value: Dependent on how many tasks you do and the number of participants. $100,000 in tokens is shared among the participants.
Token: SPS (Ethereum ERC-20 token)
Restricted from participation: China