New Crypto-Based real Estate Startup Disrupting the Industry

The real estate industry has many facets of property, like appraisal, development, leasing, selling and managing industrial, commercial, agricultural and commercial properties. It can fluctuate based on local and national economies although it is fairly consistent because people always need homes and businesses are always looking for space.

The industry has been around for a long time, but for an industry as old as this, technological advances have not caught up with the times. With, cryptocurrency and blockchain are introduced into the world of real estate.

The startup is based on South California and has been focusing on opening the world of real estate to anyone who would invest. In the past, there were many challenges to overcome when trying to learn about real estate. You could not learn well without risking dollar to the thousands to learn from a sketchy ‘mentor’ or to learn on your own from a series of expensive seminars.

Flipshares has sought to invest in multi-family rental properties in the most popular markets in the United States. The company is planning to keep expanding into all metropolitan areas with strategies based on algorithms, proprietary metrics and tenant screening software. The ICO is due to start on the 1st of September this year and will run for the whole of the final quarter.

The startup has a simple business cycle that includes analysis of the properties with reliable algorithms, acquisition of the property, renovating or rehabilitating the property and then renting it out. It is the same for every property that would be of interest.

When looking to invest in real estate the traditional way, there are some things you have to bear in mind, including where the property is located and how close it is to amenities, views and other factors important in its valuation, how much it has been valued for, the purpose of the investment (is it for self-use or renting out?), the expected profit opportunities and cash flows and the leverage and pitfalls. You also have to consider other things like your credit score because it affects whether you qualify for a mortgage, and the overall real estate market.

Each of the factors has facets to it that take a long time to learn and master. By the time you make a sound investment, you have gone through so much trouble, and even then, there are no guarantees. Flipshare’s algorithms eliminate the hustle for you.

The entire process is fueled by a utility token, FLPS. When you are renting the property, you can pay your monthly rent and for the property application using their cryptocurrency and that creates an ongoing monthly demand, so that the more properties you get, the higher the demand they get for the token. The utility token, FLPS, will be availed during the ICO for $0.05, but for the general public, the market price will be $1.

Real estate syndication has been a true method for building reliable and long-term wealth. Paired with new technology, Flipshares will streamline each of the functions in the investment cycle, automate the process and help users to grow their investments rapidly.

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