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MPCX ICO – Developing One Platform For All Financial Crypto Services

Cryptocurrency and the technology behind it called Blockchain is poised to revolutionize the way we use currency nowadays. Since this realization has begun to sink in, the tech world has witnessed numerous variations of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges pop up. The need of the day was a platform that would amalgamate all cryptocurrency related activities on a single platform for ease of use and convenience.

What is MPCX?

Registered in the UK in 2017, MPCX is the solution and answer to the above-described need. MPCX, in essence, is a digital, Blockchain powered financial services platform which is going to dispense services such as ICO promotion, cryptocurrency exchange and trading and wealth management. MPCX will operate on the Ethereum variant of Blockchain and will cater to the requirements of individual users as well as large corporations.

MPCX development stages

MPCX will be developed according to the timetable below:

January 2017 – December 2018: digital wealth management platform launches

December 2018 – November 2019: launching of cryptocurrency exchange

December 2018 – July 2020: launching of digital banking and regulated wealth management platforms

Salient Features of MPCX

Let’s take an in-depth look at what facilities the MPCX platform will offer:

Single digital exchange platform for 100 cryptocurrencies

The drawback of most cryptocurrency platforms is their low range of currencies that can be exchanged. A user possessing more than one type of cryptocurrency is bound to get frustrated as this limitation requires them to hop from one exchange to another. MPCX will provide a digital exchange platform for all top 100 cryptocurrencies based on market cap.

Digital client onboarding & trading solutions

To save time and resources, MPCX will onboard clients digitally. A whole host of facilities including reporting, trading terminal, arbitrage system will be at disposal of clients after onboarding.

Basic crypto exchange requirements

Basic exchange requirements such as payments, transactions and banking solutions will be included. Security of client funds is paramount for all digital exchanges. MPCX provides custody and wallet solutions for safekeeping of funds.

Multifarious investment indices           

MPCX ensures that users get multifarious investments indices instead of presenting them with a singular ICO option like other exchanges. The trading indices offered include:

  • Crypto AI Fund
  • Crypto ETN’s
  • ICO

AI-assisted advisory

MPCX has a robust AI assisted advisory services known as the “Digital smart investment mandate”. This advisory services will automatically render services such as crypto lending strategies, portfolio balancing and reporting.

MPCX Utility Token

MPCX utility token is called XDMC. It will be the internal currency of the platform which will be used to purchase services. After liquidation, it will serve as internal currency for MPCX banking services. Initially, 599,970,249 XDMC will be up for sale with various bonuses. 50% of the MPCX platform returns will be invested in a token buyback initiative from individual token holders and exchanges and then a portion will be destroyed. The remaining portion will not be up for sale for three months.

Token distribution

The token distribution will be as follows:

Platform development16%

Crowdsale dates

The Crowdsale for MPCX started from 07 May 2018 and culminated on 17 August 2018.

Pre ICO bonuses

To fairly compensate early investors detailed pre ICO bonuses have been planned by the MPCX team have the following structure:

InvestmentGiven bonus %Investment period
First 200 ETH35%Before 5th day
Next 300 ETH20%Before 10th day
Next 300 ETH10%Before 15th day
Bonus upon ETH investment
150 ETH or more35%
100 ETH or more20%
20 ETH or more10%
10 ETH or more5%

The MPCX team

The team behind the formation of MPCX has a cumulative experience of 45 years. The members are all veteran investment specialists, financial entrepreneurs, legal advisors and Blockchain technical experts. MCPX has a meticulously crafted and confident roadmap and is bound to attract investors from all walks of life.

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