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Monvid ICO – Blockchain Based Censorship-Free Streaming Platform

Monvid is a project that is doing an ICO to develop a streaming platform that will provide better scaling compared to today’s streaming platforms that are mostly centralized and most blocked in one or more countries. 

About the Platform

Monvid holds one of the month’s hottest ICOs and its close to reaching its $ 5 million hard cap. This collection of funds will be used to develop a fully functional platform for streaming that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts. This is the very reason to use Monvid, as it is a decentralized platform that offers peer-to-peer streaming. Essentially, all streamed content will use blockchain so we get a better user experience with full transparency, flexibility and privacy. Decentralized applications are much more flexible than today’s applications hosted on centralized networks where downtime occurs, which is actually completely impossible for applications running on a blockchain. There is no subscription required for the users; it is, of course, possible to create payment methods to access exclusive content, but you will not have to give anything for personal information such as card numbers and more when to do such transactions. By using the token, you will have the full flexibility and security of your personal life.

Why is a Decentralized Streaming Platform Needed?

Monvid has its own proxy system for their application, enabling you to stream whatever you want, no matter where you are in the world. This gives an advantage to many of the world’s countries where censorship is a major issue. For many, Monvids platform will be a huge advantage as it solves problems that actually exist and are not fictitious, as many ICOs tend to do. Although an idea may sound good at first glance, one must always find an opportunity for how the new ecosystem that is created should go around. By creating new decentralized applications, new ecosystems will be created, as well as communities.

The differences between a decentralized application and an application hosted on a central device are that the encrypted data cannot be traced down, a much faster and responsive system that has much better scaling and offering services even from people who do not have access to a bank, which is also a serious problem within the world economy, those who are left out due to little to no financial inclusion. On an application that is centralized, however, it will be exposed to blocking in some or more countries, and it is much more difficult to grow the platform when scaling starts to be a problem. There is always a risk that the third parties you relate to may be disobedient when it comes to hosting, spending, storage and use of your personal data.


The Monvid sale is about to end, so if you want to secure your tokens during the ICO you must act quickly. A total of 140 million tokens is allocated for investors in the token sale, 120 million tokens has already been sold to investors worldwide. The token sale lasts until 31 August. Find out more about companies, the team behind, the product, business plans and more on their website:

Learn more about the project


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