Mind Music Coin: A Cryptocurrency Changing How we do Mental Health

Mental illnesses affect nearly 20% of adults, 13% of children, and 46% of teenagers. People struggling with mental health issues could be in your family, live next door to you, or work next to you. Unless you are aware and present, it is not easy to pinpoint the differences and see what needs addressing. Still, only 50% of the affected know enough to pursue and receive treatment. In addition, there are many stigmas attached to mental health, which makes the already bad situation worse. If left untreated, mental illnesses will affect performance at work and school and increase the risk of suicide.

With all this information and such a high risk, many people still do not know enough to engage in the conversation to make life better. What exactly is mental illness? Why does mental health matter? What do I do if I am depressed? Where can I seek help? What will other people think of me? These are some of the questions you have to deal with when you begin to get proactive about mental health. But what have these things to do with cryptocurrency?

About Mind Music Coin

Technology and innovation can affect every area of life, and health has not been exempt. Mind Music Coin is a cryptocurrency that has been set up to use music to raise mental health awareness. The millions who suffer from poor mental health can learn about their conditions and ways to deal with them through technology. Mind music homes to be a tool that breaks the stigma and unites people to have a conversation about mental health that is long overdue.

The team has already started the work on the coin with a project that led to the recording of 12 tracks. The goal is to record nearly double the number so that they can release the first batch. All the profits from the album sales are to be donated to mental health and suicide prevention charities. They hope that the project will be able to fund itself as a long-term solution. In the long run, mind music coin can collaborate with musicians worldwide to bring about much-needed change.

Mental awareness through music

Mark Hamilton created the mind music coin project. In March 2020, when the pandemic struck, like many people, he was left without business and with many problems to solve. To help make his situation better, Mr. Hamilton went back to making music. He relied on music to help him manage his mental health while handling the effects of the pandemic on his livelihood. When he started to reach out to his friends and fellow musicians, he realized that they were also struggling with their mental health during the lockdown. Many people lost their businesses and jobs and had to find a way to adjust to a new life.

The idea behind Mind Music Coin was hatched in that trying time. Hamilton wanted to create a project which raises awareness and deals with the stigma of mental illness. At the same time, the project needed to celebrate music and musicians who are good at what they do. Together with his team, Hamilton hopes that Mind Music Coin will get to as many people as possible. He hopes to call attention to how mental illness has affected individuals and artists by covering songs by musicians whose lives were lost to drug abuse and suicide. He hopes to show people who are suffering that they are not alone.

Where the project is headed

It will cost about $40 000 for the team to record, release and promote the first album. Any extra money raised in the efforts will go to the supporters and holders of the coin. That is after all the necessary costs have been paid for, the remaining money will be used to buy and burn the coin, increasing its value for anyone who holds it. The team will be doing a series of live music events in different locations in Europe to raise the money – if the pandemic allows. All wallets with more than 100b Mind Music Coin will get a free ticket to attend an event to a location they choose. You can listen to the 12 tracks that have already been recorded on Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud.


The presale for the coin is due to start on 24th July at 20:00 UTC. There is a total supply of 1000 trillion Mind Music Coins. 10% of these are the estimated total transaction tax. 4% of the tokens will go to the mind music fund, 3% for marketing, and 1% to provide liquidity. Another 1% of the total supply will be burned. The presale will be done through the Mystery House Launchpad and will be available to purchase from 20:00 UTC on Saturday. The actual token will launch to the public on Sunday 25th July at 20:00 UTC. Details of how to purchase presale tokens will be released on the project’s website and telegram in due course.

Mind Music Coin is an excellent coin to invest in if you are looking to join a cause. The project will be doing good on many fronts while helping you to make a buck or store value. Investing has never been more advisable than to support your own mental health and that of others.  

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