Membrana Airdrop Worth $45 + $ 15 Ref – Trust Management Fund Rated 4.5 on ICObench

Update 19.10

Telegram announcement from offocial Membrana group:

Our Airdrop campaign got overwhelmed demand – we paused it for now and will restart the campaign, in an updated version, as soon as possible. For more information, please read our pinned message (http://t.me/membranaplatform/14905).

Airdrop campaign will start again next week. Follow Membrana on Telegram to get updated on when the airdrop restarts.

Airdrop Info

Membrana is doing an ICO to fund their crypto investment platform, a platform where investors and professional traders are connected on the same platform. Investors can easily choose from expert traders to trade their cryptocurrency assets as a source of passive income.

The project has been rated 4.5 on ICObench (4 expert ratings).

By completing the airdrop, you will receive 3 points, which amounts to 3000 MBN tokens ($45 in MBN tokens).

Airdrop Instructions

  1. Start Telegram Airdrop Bot
  2. Join Membrana Telegram group
  3. You will receive a link and a code to participate in a questionnaire
  4. Soon after you have finished the survey, you will earn 3 points ($45)
  5. Optional – Receive 1 point ($15 per referral)

Note: MVN is an Ethereum ERC-20 token. Information about wallet submission will be published in the group at a later time.