Mello Token: A Redistributive Currency Designed to Integrate into a Virtual Casino Concept

Virtual reality changed gaming on Casino Sites, transforming them into platforms with immersive and interactive gaming experiences. As it is, there are two types of casinos – entertainment and real money casinos. You win cash in a real money casino as you entertain yourself with slots, card games, and roulette wheels. With Virtual Reality technology, players can get real-life gaming experiences similar to a traditional casino. The capabilities of VR technology are expanding, and people are learning to enjoy themselves and embrace the wonders it offers. Now imagine cryptocurrency and virtual reality in the same space. The potential for the idea is unbounded.

Designed to integrate with a virtual reality casino concept

The Mello Token is the first cryptocurrency of its kind that seeks to explore that potential. It is designed to integrate with a virtual reality casino concept. The virtual environment fosters connection. Rather than playing against robots or faceless opponents, you will be able to see the people you meet and communicate with them. You will see their choice of clothes and have an opportunity to know them. Every table will have people that you can know – who are just as immersed in the experience as you are. The platform offers an opportunity to schedule meet-ups, meet new people, and reconnect with old friends.

Within the Mello casino, team members will use the token for all transactions. Once users buy a Mello token, they can participate in every planned activity within the virtual environment. The Mello token is a redistributive cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain has been booming with activity, providing many options like NFTs to earn or have fun. With the Mello Token, you make 3% of each Mello transaction outside of exchanges. The token is immediately distributed amongst wallets holding Mello. That is to say, as a Mello holder, you are constantly earning interest.

Locked liquidity

Mello’s economic system has locked liquidity. Liquidity is a measure of how easily you can change an asset into another or cash. Think of it this way: you may have the most valuable and rarest book, for example, but it will be hard to find a buyer if you live on a remote island. When it comes to financial assets, liquidity is essential. It can be hard to execute trades without significantly impacting prices on illiquid markets.  Good liquidity means that you can set an asset quickly or buy it without affecting the price. Poor liquidity is the opposite. Mello’s liquidity pool is locked on PancakeSwap for a year. This means that for that period, swapping your BNB for Mello is the only way to get the token until it is officially listed on exchanges. Currently, you can only purchase Mello from PancakeSwap and WhiteBit exchange.

What is more, the system has a zero liquidity fee which means that you pay nothing for the liquidity pool. The user enjoys low transaction costs. The supply of the token in the system is enormous. After the conclusion of the manual burn schedule, there will be a maximum of 402 million Mello in circulation, forever. A million tokens will be burned during the manual burn schedule for every one of the first ten thousand wallets until the supply reaches 402 million. The idea behind the manual burns is to control deflation and make sure that whenever people are using or holding a Mello token, they can trust a relatively stable value.

Transparency and project updates

In the cryptocurrency world, transparency is a big deal. The Mello team strives to foster transparency with community members. They regularly host live sessions to answer any pressing questions. Besides the direct communication with the community, Mello releases official reports and contract audits. The idea is to keep updating the community on progress all through the different stages of the roadmap. The hope is to have the token evolve into a community. The team of 14 wants to sustain growth and contribute everything necessary to a better future that uses cryptocurrency and virtual reality together. It consists of people with expertise in different fields ranging from computer science and graphic design to business development and law.

Like any other cryptocurrency, buying Mello has risks that you must consider before you make a purchase. For starters, the coin is stored in a wallet that you can access through a password. If you do not remember your password, you could use your money. You could also lose Mello if your password protection is weak. Secondly, the platform is currently under development, which means that you can expect changes over time. Expectations for functionality and form may go unmet.

Thirdly, like other tokens, Mello’s value could fluctuate and reduce in value because of supply and demand, geographical or political disruptions, technical reasons, and so forth. Since the team is not liable for any loss of data, profits, or income, you have to do your due diligence before spending on the token. Then again, these are not risks particularly unique to the token; anyone who has spent some time in the cryptocurrency world recognizes that you have to deal with a version of these risks or another.

Final words

The Mello token is practical and innovative, with a concept stands out in the industry, benefiting all users. It is fully exchangeable and flexible as a cryptocurrency. You can own it, save it, pay for services with it and trade it the same way you would other tokens. The major difference with Mello is that it is grounded in the concept of an immersive VR experience. The team is leveraging two new technologies to make the platform a reality, something you can participate in as the user, to expand your world beyond the four walls of your home.

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