Massive Yield Farming Operation Desire.Finance Launches This November

If you yearn for yield farming, then you’ll probably desire a piece of this new DeFi pie before 2020 is up. Desire Finance is a new yield farming operation that also lets users create their own DeFi project in under 10 minutes. While creating an ERC20 token isn’t anything new, Desire’s DeFi launcher will let you create your very own yield farming operation so you can fully take advantage of what the world of DeFi has to offer.

Desire’s approach is comparable to Yearn which currently sits at over $20,000 a token at the time of writing. When Desire launches their DeFi launcher, it could possibly set off a new wave of yield farming hype in 2021 that would make 2020 look like a joke in comparison. Yearn currently sits at 30,000 tokens while Desire sits at a 21,000 token supply. By September 2021, each Desire token will easily be worth somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000 if they play their cards right.

It’s important to know that while yield farming can bring massive gains, it’s also extremely risky. Thankfully, Desire will also allow users to create things other than yield farming tokens such as simple ERC20 tokens or even cross-chain products in 2021 with the help of Polkadot integration.

It’s still 2020 and it’s still young but so far, it looks like Desire Finance is making all the right moves it needs to make in order to bring about a new wave of unsurmountable DeFi hype.

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