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Post sharing communities like Reddit and Pinterest have rapidly grown over the last few years, and once in a while, we see a new actor in the industry kicks off.

Mamby is a brand-new post sharing community. The platform has two key features that no other social media posting community provides.

The first is the platform pay their users in BTC based on the number of views the posts receives, which efficiently provides an incentive for users to stay active and contribute with the best content.

The second is the content shown to the readers. Instead of showing you the same generic content that is deemed popular by the masses, Mamby utilizes a novel artificial intelligence algorithm. By doing this, Mamby can display the content that fit your personal taste!

The concept might sound similar to Steemit, but the platforms work in an entirely different way.

Let’s compare the basics of the platform with Steemit:


  • Is primarily used by bloggers.
  • Pay contributors per upvote received, based on their Steem power (which can be bought).
  • You can only earn substantial income by getting upvoted by whales with a lot of Steem power invested, upvotes from average, non-investors in Steem on the platform gives you a few cents at best.
  • The same content is shown on the front page for everyone, only the posts with a lot of upvotes enter the front page.
  • Pay rewards in Steem (altcoin).


  • Is mainly a platform for sharing content like pictures and videos.
  • Pay contributors per view their content receives.
  • Show content based on an AI analysis of what they would like to see.
  • Pay rewards in Bitcoin.

It is obvious for those that have used Steemit for themselves that the platform is flawed. Although Steemit is based on an exciting idea, the platform is unfair to content creators. To get to the front page, you would have to invest in Steem or have some highly influential friends to gain any traction.

Mamby, on the other hand, gives every user an equal chance to get their post viewed based on the content and does not offer any incentives to gain popularity by investing in the platform.

No ICO, No token

I’m sure that the Mamby platform could do an ICO, like most projects do these days, and use their own token as the heart of the ecosystem.

But let us be realistic. Why should one complicate things by adding another token that is not needed? Adding a new token to the platform would efficiently complicate the platform and make it less desirable.

Payments in Bitcoin

Mamby is using Bitcoin to pay the content creators. This is interesting as, in these times, it might seem like every crypto related platform has their own native token. The main issue is that the tokens are often not of benefit for the users of the platform, and few people utilize the tokens. Additionally, the Bitcoin miner fees are currently very low, which makes it a great fit for Mamby as it’s a very fast and cheap option for international micropayments.

As we all have experienced in the last months, the fact of the matter is that altcoins are not as stable as Bitcoin. While the BTC market cap has been going down, the dump has been even more detrimental for altcoins. This is because the whole industry is dependent on BTC, so would you not rather want to get paid directly in BTC?

This should be one of the key points that makes the platform desirable over their competitors. Similar platforms based on their own tokens are unstable. While Bitcoin has fallen approximately 70% since its peak, most altcoins have lost over 90% of their value over the same time.

People trust more in Bitcoin, because it is the hearth of cryptocurrency. It would, therefore, be preferred to most to get paid in BTC instead of an entirely new, unstable coin that might not have any value on the exchange.

How does it work?

The posts can be made of any type of content: Videos, images, gifs, links, just text or a thought. Everything is accepted, giving maximum flexibility and freedom to users.

The content showed on the front page is sorted based on the novel artificial intelligence platform. This is an A.I. that analyzes your behavior and finds content that is likely to fit your taste.

The benefit of this is the fact that the content is catered for your taste. Many platforms filter the top result based on likes, while many quality content creators get left out because they don’t have a large enough following. With Mamby everyone gets a chance, and the more you browse the page, the more personalized post you will see based on the A.I’s interpretation of your taste.

This way Mamby can show visitors posts that fit their particular taste, and will efficiently spend less time browsing through the site for interesting content.

How much can you earn by contributing content?

With a payment potential of 10-100 satoshi per view, the earning potential will be the following:

Minimum: $0.56
Maximum: $5.6

Minimum: $5.6
Maximum: $56

Minimum: $56
Maximum: $560

Note: Prices are based on the Bitcoin value of $5600 on 16.11/2018.

The payment rate is high compared to similar platforms. If the platform kicks off, there is definitely potential for earning a stable income from the platform.

It should be noted that the platform is very new, and therefore the earning potential would be limited for the first period, but it might be a good idea to start sharing content on the platform before the masses adopt the platform.

“But why?”, you might ask.

By establishing yourself and gaining a following early on, you effectively increase your potential of earning a stable income on the platform in the future if it kicks off.

Check out the platform for yourself at

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