Lynked.World Airdrop Worth $17.5 + $1.75 Per Ref – Rated 4.9 on ICObench

Token: SRN – Ethereum ERC-20 token
Estimated value: 10 TOT tokens = $11.5

Lynked.World is a blockchain based platform for individuals & institutions to own, control and share digitally trusted identity data.

The project has been rated 4.9 on ICObench (7 expert ratings).

How to join airdrop

1. Start Telegram Airdrop Bot
2. Do all required tasks (join telegram and follow on twitter + optional tasks for bigger reward).
3. Submit ETH wallet.
4. Optional – Refer others to the airdrop and earn $5 per referred member.

Note: You have to stay in the Telegram group until ICO is finished (19 January 2019).