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Lucre ICO Review – the first anti hodling cryptocurrency trading platform

“Hodling” in the cryptocurrency world

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are the most talked about topic in the world of tech nowadays. Their rapid mainstream prominence has led to the emergence of various digital currencies with slight variation in their core competencies. One thing these currencies have in common till now is the notion that holding or HODLING as it’s known in crypto jargon is the most profitable strategy to increase the value of the cryptocurrencies in one’s possession. Lucre is an automated, algorithmic trading system for cryptocurrencies which has been developed to negate this strategy.

How Lucre works

Hodling occurs because people in possession of cryptocurrency wait for the ideal market condition to reap the maximum price for their cryptocurrency investment. Lucre’s underlying algorithmic structure liberates the participants from worrying about any fluctuations by generating revenue irrespective of the market situation. This is achieved by making short and long-term trades on the Metatrader trading platform via the aforementioned algorithm.

Lucre token – LCR

Lucre’s utility token is called LCR which is initially valued at I USD. This value is derived from net asset value which is dependent on the performance of algorithmic cryptocurrency trading with real currency. LCR can be traded anytime with full transparency ensured. Lucre’s fully automated system is compliant and compatible with other cryptocurrency exchanges and forex brokers which makes it a one-stop solution for the LCR token holders. LCR can be obtained from November 14th and will continue to be available for further four weeks. Up to 10 million LCR will be sold to ICO investors, which is equivalent to 80% of the token supply.

As an intimation system to the users who invested more than 1ETH during the token sale, Lucre algorithm will send out a signal every time a trade takes place. To scrutinize the performance of the algorithm, daily updates and calculations are set in place and will be made available on Lucre dashboard. Another unique and exclusive incentive provided for Lucre token sale participants is allotment of recurrent profits whereas other platforms require additional funds to achieve this.

A valid question which arises here is that if someone hasn’t participated in the token sale will they have access to Lucre features such as trade intimation signals and auto-trading? The answer is that these features can be accessed on condition that LCR tokens are purchased from original participants.

Lucre cryptocurrency platform Vs. other platforms

Of course, there are other cryptocurrency platforms which have been operating long before Lucre. So how does Lucre compare to them? A side by side comparison of the salient features of Lucre compared to other platforms will paint a clear picture:

LucreOther platforms
Operates with uniform consistency even irrespective of market fluctuationsDependent on market fluctuations
Decentralized structure which renders it free from scams, interference and speculationMost provide centralized structure
Operates through “smart contracts” which effectively cuts out the involvement of any escrow servicesRequire the services of escrow to handle transactions which also impose a fee for processing
Decentralization provides foolproof security against hacking and other intrusionsCentralization makes such exchanges prone to hacking and other attacks
Fully automated 100% hands-free trading which circumvents any error which may arise due to “human error.” Also safeguards the user against psychological anguish and difficulty of manual tradingMostly require manual trading with high-risk factor
Full transparency guaranteed, all brokers are thoroughly vetted before being allowedto join, and a complete list of such brokers will be provided on Lucre website upon initiation of tradingComplete transparency is not guaranteed as usually no vetting procedure for brokers and participants is in place.

The teanm behind the Lucre platform

The viability and efficacy of a product is primarily dependent on the expertise and experience of the team behind its creation. In the case of Lucre, the people behind are veterans of algorithmic trading with nearly a decade of experience. The team consists of ICO, crypto and Blockchain experts.

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Author: Gustafio