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Liquid8 ICO Review: Global Tokenization of Real World Asset to the Crypto World

Liquid8 is a new project aiming to connect real-world assets with digital economy via blockchain technology. It plans to develop a peer-to-peer digital services platform which will enable owners of real-world assets to tokenize their possessions, exchange and loan them, making the whole process simple and convenient for all parties.

The problems that Liquid8 aims to solve

Although the real-world assets’ volatility is respectively low making them a precious target for investors, there are many issues that one can come across, such as:

  • Liquidity. It’s a serious issue with real-world assets. The average transaction cost for real estate is 10% which makes all the operations really expensive and decreases the liquidity.
  • High initial investments. On the average, 20% of the total equity cost is required to be invested at the first step.
  • Long transaction process. It usually takes from 6 weeks to 6 months to complete a deal with real estate.
  • Strict requirements for personal solvency. The financial institutions have to make thorough checks before they give a loan. The chances to get money are lower with an imperfect credit history.
  • Storage. It is a real issue to find a safe place to store such assets as precious metals and gems.

How Liquid8 will solve these problems

The project aims to create a tokenization protocol that will help its users digitize their real-world assets and simplify the transactions related with these assets.

This protocol will combine off-chain and on-chain proof-of-assets protocols that will help ensure compliance, existence, value and ownership of all the submitted assets.

Check the scheme below for more details:

ICO review: how Liquid8 tokenizes the assets

All the data collected via the platform will be stored in the blockchain making it immutable and visible for all the interested parties. Moreover, the project plans to closely work with regulatory authorities to ensure the compliance of the tokenized assets which will prevent the service from being used for money laundering and other illegal activities.

The Liquid8 Multi-Asset Wallet

For storing the assets, Liquid8 plans to develop a user-friendly wallet that will be compatible with such blockchains as Ethereum, NEO, Bitcoin and, of course, the Liqiud8 platform itself.

To meet the security standards, the Liquid8 wallet will use encryption for private keys and only the account owner will be able to restore the wallet. Also, the wallet will implement two-factor-authentication (2FA) and multi-sync authentication functions.

Moreover, to simplify the login procedure, Liquid8 will implement Biometric identification for iOS and Android devices.

The Liquid8 Debit Card

To facilitate the whole process to its users even more, Liquid8 plans to launch a crypto debit card after the token sale. This card will let its users not only spend their crypto assets with any retailer who accepts card payments, but also to withdraw their funds at ATMs and convert them into FIAT.

Currently, the project founders are seeking for a reputable card issuer to set up partnership.

Liquid8 crypto debit card

LQ8 tokens

The Liquid8 token (LQ8) is an ERC-20 utility token. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • To pay for the services within the Liquid8 ecosystem
  • As airdrop for rewards and affiliates program


There are 12 members in the Liquid8 team. In this ICO review, we’d like to review the three key members.

May Sukumpeeranont

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

May has a Degree in Engineering and Master in Business and Managerial Economics. She has solid 10-year experience in software engineering, banking, and FinTech area.

May’s Linkedin profile

Michael Lim

Chief Operation Officer

Michael graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Master Degree in Computer Science. He has 9-year experience in the real estate industry as he has grown from a real estate negotiator to vice presidency at Property Hub.

Michael’s Linkedin profile

Jirawan Prempee

Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

Jirawan has a Bachelor degree in Business administration from Kasetsart University where she has also been a President of Business Students Association. She’s been consulting different B2C companies helping to reach their goals and has decided to join Liquid8 as a Co-founder and a Chief Commercial Officer where she’s made use of her business experience.

Jirawan’s Linkedin profile

Social media analysis

*Note that the following details are as of 03/09/2018.

Facebook – 16 400 page likes, 17 100 follows

Twitter – 10 tweets, 17 500 followers

Telegram (EN) – 51 000 members

Telegram (RU) – 22 900 members

Medium – 4 posts, 2 followers

YouTube – 2 videos, 500 views

Github – 0 commits

ICO details

Ticker: LQ8
Pre-sale date: to be decided, as well as the ICO crowdsale date.
Soft Cap: $3 Million
Hard Cap: $35 Million
Total Token Supply: 700 Million Tokens
Tokens for Public Sale: 350 Million Tokens (50%)
Private/Pre-Sale Bonus Token and Airdrop Rewards: 105 Million Tokens (15%)
Token Price: $0.10.

Note: All unsold tokens will be burned

Funds allocation:

  • Platform Research & Development – 35%
  • Marketing & Business Development – 25%
  • Investment & Liquidity Pool – 20%
  • LQ8 Compensation Pool – 5%
  • Operations – 5%
  • Legal & Licensing Expenses – 10%

Token allocation:

  • Private/Pre-Sale Bonus & Community Building Airdrop Rewards – 15%
  • Founders & Management Team – 13%
  • The future expansion of the Platform – 15%
  • Token for Public Sale – 50%
  • Advisors and Partners – 5%
  • Bounties – 2%

How to register with ICO: contact for whitelisting at [email protected]

White Paper:


Liquid8 Final Rating
  • Team eligibility
  • Token allocation
  • Social media and communities


The idea of the project is viable, and the problems it aims to solve are really significant. It would be great if there was a tool simplifying all the procedures related to real estate and other commodities. The team seems to be skilled enough to reach the goals that they have set.

Author: Gustafio