Leep GreenPaper – A Sustainable Blockchain?

The potential behind Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) goes far beyond digital cash or other current applications. No industry, society or person will escape the disruptive forces DLT will bring. The properties of DLT allow us to think of solutions that has been impossible until now. These are solutions that create an opportunity for enormous social, environmental and sustainable impact. Leep Network is working to overcome the technical limitations that prevent this technology from realizing its full potential. In this way, we want our technology to enable new and innovative solutions that address real problems.

Leep Network intends to create a standard for technological solutions in favor of the world’s sustainable development, taking into account the myriad of environmental, economic, political and societal factors that shape this space. Leep’s technology will revolutionize our perception and capabilities for Big Data. It adds truthfulness to data and makes Big Data versatile for sustainable purposes.

Therefore, we aim to make the Big Data boom the innovation story of our time for social, environmental and economic purposes. Leep Network believes in reliable comparable data and will develop its own sensor platforms. These sensors will vary by application and will be equipped to measure quality data. These sensors will also cryptographically sign this data to ensure integrity and publish the data to the Leep network.

In addition, Leep will further support sustainable development and support projects through its incubator.

Sustainability and blockchain are basically a good match, but putting data on a blockchain does not make the data accurate, and thus does not solve one of the biggest problems today that data cannot be trusted.

This can be solved by having self-calibrating sensors that sign data cryptographically before it is published, after which this can be followed up by the right authorities. There is simply talk of smart and correct use of new technology, not to believe blindly that blockchain automatically solves all problems. Crap in = crap out.

This way of verifying data, while taking supply chain and tracking the origin or verification of other types of data to the next level, is highly relevant for several of the Norwegian industries.

Check out the Leep Greenpaper below:


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