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A blockchain startup team in Silicon Valley, USA, recently officially launched the blockchain payment system “GuardPay Aegis Payment”, which aims to improve the efficiency and security of the payment system, and more importantly, the blockchain The technology is further applied, and it has been tested and used in Japan, South Korea and other regions. It is hoped that it will be promoted to the world and increase the utilization rate of blockchain payment.

The emergence of GuardPay will have a strong impact on the existing payment system and promote substantial progress in the global blockchain economy and finance. In addition, GuardPay helps accelerate blockchain payments and can effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Since 2020, it has invested in the development of the GuardPay project. GuardPay’s name comes from people’s pursuit of a better life. It is hoped that through GuardPay, all human beings can have a more convenient and safe consumption model. The project aims to popularize the use of global digital currency and eliminate the use of blockchain. The centralization feature will help to open up new financial markets and no longer be threatened by traditional financial predators.

It is worth noting that in order to accelerate the popularization of GuardPay, Japan and South Korea have been specifically selected as the priority trial operation locations. The reason is that the people in these two regions have relatively relative popularity and acceptance of the blockchain. Other areas come from high, and the population and commercial areas are relatively concentrated, which is very suitable as a starting point for promotion.

How to use GuardPay?

GuardPay is a payment system with a blockchain wallet function that provides retailers with tools to accept cryptocurrencies in stores, online and mobile shopping. GuardPay’s system and wallet can host more than 20 popular cryptocurrencies, connect merchants to a wider customer base, and at the same time, transfer transactions between users and other users through electronic wallets.

GuardPay enables retailers to use a simple method and powerful tools to use cryptocurrency payments, that is, the GuardPay POS system used in various stores, whether online or offline purchases can be applied. Companies can even use wireless POS to use GuardPay to process cryptocurrency transactions anywhere, which will greatly replace the role of cash transactions between companies and customers.

After continuous development, GuardPay has established a set of excellent transaction functions, including borderless and universal access rights, no intermediary fees during transactions, a very high level of privacy and security protection, and the ability to transmit offline.

GuardPay also introduced Hyperledger Iroha, a permissioned blockchain super ledger, to control the transfer of funds between digital wallets, which records on-chain transactions through distributed ledger technology (DLT).

In addition, GuardPay also uses the algorithm “Yet Another consensus” to complete transaction processing within 5 seconds, and claims to be able to process 1,000 to 2,000 transactions per second.

The GuardPay payment system can support any type and number of cryptocurrencies, including general currencies, and GuardPay is currently building similar systems for other countries.

As consumers’ interest in cryptocurrency continues to grow, more companies hope to accept digital currency, but due to the initial lack of required knowledge and technical infrastructure, this concept is easy to understand. But the emergence of GuardPay has solved this problem greatly.

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