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LCX Terminal Exchange Review – Trade on all major crypto exchanges through one terminal

The LCX terminal exchange is an innovative product designed for traders and other investors who hold coins on more than one exchange.

What makes the LCX Terminal so great is the fact that you can add the API of all your trading accounts to get an overview of your full portfolio without logging into each platform. Here you may also trade on all of the supported exchanges through the LCX terminal.

The terminal comes with a high number of practical solutions such as:

  • Advanced trading features
  • Performance overviews
  • Performance reports
  • Constantly updated news
  • Price alerts

How the LCX Terminal works

When you enter the LCX Terminal, the main site will show an overview of your portfolio. This portfolio view shows the status of your investments on all exchanges. Here you can also see how the investments have performed. Figure 1 below shows a screenshot from the overview page.

Figure 1: LCX Exchange overview page

To receive info for your investments, you have to connect your exchanges to the platform through API permissions. These permissions give the exchange permission to receive status for your coins and trading permissions. By clicking on the exchanges on the LCX terminal page you will receive instructions for how you can add API permissions for each individual exchange. Figure 2 below shows the supported exchanges as of 13.12.2019.

Figure 2: Supported cryptocurrency exchanges

After you have integrated your exchange accounts with the platform, you can see your portfolio through LCX Terminal. You are now also able to trade on each individual trading exchange through LCX. You do this by clicking on the “markets” button on the left side of the screen. On the top left side you can choose the exchange you want to trade on, and all the available markets will appear.

Figure 3 below shows the trading page for Ethereum for Binance:

Figure 3: Ethereum Trading Page with Binance set as trading exchange

Other features

Report page

To gain a deeper knowledge of your trades, the report page will show your profit/loss reports. The report page tracks your performance in your transactions and analyzes how you are performing over time.


The news sections display a section of constantly updated cryptocurrency news from trusted sources such as CoinTelegraph and Bitcoinist. The news are updated constantly and this site is of huge advantage to traders as they instantly can get updated on news that impacts price movements in the market.

Price alerts

On the price alerts section you can set up notifications for when the prices of a coin reach a set price, for example:

  1. First, you choose the exchange for the price alert tracker.
    Example: Binance.
  2. Set the coin pair to track,
    Example: Ethereum/USDT
  3. Set the Greater than/less than price.
    Example: Less than 130 USDT per ETH
  4. Choose where you want to receive the alert.
    Example: E-mail and Telegram


The LCX Terminal exchange platform is an “all in one” crypto platform. Most traders are familiar with the inconvenience of having to use several cryptocurrency exchanges to access trading of specific coins or get the most liquid price on a cryptocurrency. LCX terminal fixes this by giving you instant access to all your exchanges with one click.

Check out the LCX Terminal for yourself at

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