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KuBitX ICO – One of the most robust and advanced exchange services

KuBitX is a brand new platform for making digital value changes in a secure and transparent network, and the company describes it as one of the most advanced and robust cryptographic exchange services available.

About the KuBitX exchange

The platform has a capacity up to 12 million transactions per second! KuBitX is also in charge of a new infrastructure for those who do not have access to financial services that only banks offer until blockchain technology partially takes over as primary platforms for use for everything that gets a better user experience through decentralization. The application aims to be available in all languages by hiring contributors who will translate into all types of languages, even distinct dialects from African tribes. These employees are people from all over the world who are building up network add-on data.

The platform will also have its own chain that will make it very proactive when it comes to the scaling of the blockchain. Compared to projects like POA, KuBitX also helps solve scaling problems using sidechains. The decentralized application should be easy and useful for those who use blockchain technology for the first time. In order for such solutions to remain the standard, it is essential to be able to educate new users to the ecosystem.

KuBitX believes their product is the perfect start for trading and exchange for new users. As mentioned above, the transaction speed is fierce on KuBitX’s platform. Whole 12 million transactions per second, which is unbelievably much more than the competitors in the market, which average about 1 million transactions per second. With such a great promise, this project has the opportunity to get its user base upscaled. When the speed of transactions already is slow on most decentralized exchange services, but when all is done on such a side chain, much more efficiency will be required on the actions of such a platform.


This company now holds a initial coin offering (ICO) to fund the product and marketing. Investors will thus receive their own defined token on Ethereum’s blockchain. The Token goes under the ticker KBX, and is then of the ERC-20 type standard. A total of 500 million tokens will exist.

Minimum requirements for collection (soft cap) is set to 10,000 ETH, while the maximum allocation is 25,000 ETH. The pre-sale lasts for 9 more days (ends August 31. 2018), so if you are an investor of larger capital and want to secure KBX before the public sales start and then end up with decentralized exchange services, you must act quickly.

The actual main sale will start soon after the private sale has ended. This is the only way to get KBX tokens before they become available on Exchange Services, all other sites will be fraudulent. Be sure to check that the link is correct, even when using Google! KBX is a utility token that will be used within KuBitX’s own ecosystem. The Token will primarily be used to pay transaction costs made within the application. There will also be other uses for the token in the future, according to their whitepaper. It will be possible to trade the KBX token public from September this year. Something that is far from long. For more information about the product, the company broke, the future, the business plan and much more, visit kubitx.io

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Author: Gustafio