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KiwiGo launches its token KGO and gets listed on top exchanges

Paris, France, Thursday 25 March 2021 – Following the recent merger of Kiwi Pay Group and Meal Temple Group, KiwiGo launches its KGO token and gets listed on world popular exchanges such as IndoEx, CatEx, AzbitEx, DexTrade and others.

KiwiGo is a super-app for frontier markets that provides a wide array of services empowering local businesses and individuals in their daily lives, from e-wallet, ride-hailing, food and grocery delivery, news aggregator, classifieds to in-app. PoS services, available in more than 20 markets in Africa and Asia. KiwiGo token KGO is introducing the T.E.S. principle, bringing Technology, Economy and Society together to empower under-represented markets with fast-growing economic opportunities. “With KiwiGo, we can provide an easier access to jobs and financial services to the unbanked” says Gregory Schmidt, co-founder and CEO of KiwiGo.

Backed by a strong team of entrepreneurs from various businesses in emerging and frontier markets, with a large experience in logistics, fintech, product development and marketing, the KiwiGo team is also supported by ambassadors with extensive experience from renowned organisations such as SoftBank, OCCE, Rocket Internet and theWorld Bank.

KiwiGo is launching KGO to tokenize the way local businesses work in these markets, allowing them to create their own ecosystem and bring their own value and ideas to the local economies, with loyalty and cashback systems, tokenization of activities and providing an access to unbanked users, creating opportunities, creativity and removing boundaries. “Our mission is to provide economic freedom to each individual and business in the most challenging economies” explains Maxime Rosburger, co-founder and COO.

The core economical argument is supported by KiwiGo’s ability to make payments across different regions via the super-app and use the KGO token as a tool for those payments. The company has developed extended partnerships with mobile payment operators in those countries, including Orange Money, MTN, FreeMoney, YUP,Airtel, Ecobank,Alipay, CyberSource,WeChatPay and others.

KiwiGo released its KGO token under the BEP-20 standards, which means KGO would be available on Binance Smart Chain network, and the community has now already expanded to more than 7,000 holders since the initial release a few days ago.

A total of one billion KGO tokens would be released eventually, with only 5% of the amount going into public circulation this year (50 million tokens). KiwiGo is planning to allocate tokens to cities it will operate in, in order to reward users with KGO tokens for each transaction.

The token is going to be listed on multiple exchanges this Thursday 25 March, which will allow investors to participate in the company’s vision and development. In the beginning, there will be one pair available for
trading: KGO-USDT.

About KiwiGO – www.kiwigo.ap

KiwiGO is the new super app created after the merger with Meal Temple Group. Created on the principle of solving everyday challenges
with technology, the KiwiGo app has been created from offering just a food delivery service (formerly Meal Temple) to a suite of more
than 10 services today. As we continue to grow as a leading tech company serving everyday solutions for millions of users across Southeast
Asia, our passion for problem-solving grows.

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