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Kambria ICO Review: Automation and Robotic Tech Development

Project Overview

Kambria is a novel idea from KI (Kambria International). It is a platform created to encourage the growth of a collaborative ecosystem that is conducive for quick adoption of advanced robotic technologies. Through the Kambria, it is expected that better, more affordable robots will be availed to consumers with ease and up to 10 times faster than the current rate.

Kambria hopes to bring together developers through a market-demand approach and by providing the tools that developers need. The platform also has an open repository for various robotic components including software, hardware, and high-level behavior libraries.

This blockchain project proposes to use token economics and game theory to make Kambria enticing to investors, contributors, manufactures, companies and other users thereby unlocking a highly-innovative ecosystem that is primed to advance robotic technology.

The project plans to deliver a futuristic reality where robots have a central place in our everyday lives. As such, consumers will have the robotic tech to take care of household chores (e.g., automated care of kids), education, security and surveillance among many other tasks.

While the current focus of Kambria is to enhance growth and innovation in robotics, the founders have hinted that the platform may be applied to other industries in the coming future.

Key Enablers of Kambria Project

  1. Incentivizing Cooperation and Sharing in The Robotic World. Kambria applies game theory in its operations to encourage robot developers to work with each other. Kambria’s approach is expected to increase the rewards that developers get from sharing information, data, and
  2. Penalizing Defection and Lack of Cooperation. Kambria proposes the development of a Grim-trigger strategy. In this module, participants in the project will be expected to corporate with each other from the beginning. Heavy penalties will then be given to any participant who defects or fails to corporate with the rest.
  3. Crypto-Economics. Kambria will rely on cryptocurrency to deliver incentives and rewards as well as to enforce penalties. Crypto-economics additionally allow the project to overcome the various inefficiencies and opacities that limit collaboration within robotic development ecosystems that are powered by traditional economic models.
  4. Blockchain Technology. Advantages of using blockchain, besides decentralization, include the building of a system that is open and transparent.

How Kambria Improves Robotic Development

By capitalizing on the development of a system that rewards developer cooperation and penalizes defection, Kambria manages to achieve the following:

  • Significantly lowering the barriers that hinder induvial entry and collaboration of small teams in robotic development
  • Providing incentives to the contribution and sharing of technology ideas, concepts, and other resources
  • Aggregating compelling robotic technology by capitalizing on network effects
  • Providing intermediation for the various challenges that may face end-to-end robotics business
  • Reducing the free-rider effect by denouncing and detecting legal right violations

Essential Features of Kambria

The architecture of Kambria consists of:

  • A code base (Kambria DNA) which is a system of managing the different modules and components involved in robot building. It’s a repository of the hardware, software, firmware mechanical component and electrical components used in building robots. This code base is open source and includes component language, necessary development tools as well as other revolutionary elements to maximize freedom, empower collaboration and prevent lock-ins.
  • An innovation marketplace, a utility that includes signaling and reward. Top-down signaling allows customers who need robotic technology to find experts who can deliver it. The rewards are part of bounties bound by smart contracts that clients give to experts.
  • A manufacturing alliance is a manufacturing utility that will bring together renowned robot manufacturers. It will be a conducive environment for sharing resources and knowledge as well as maintaining APIs/standards. It will provide an avenue through which the resources in the Kambria DNA can be turned into functional robots.
  • Value capture through KAT token. This will help make Kambria sustainable and not merely reliant on donations. Value capture points will be realized when robots are manufactured, when they are sold or leased and when the robot performs tasks that clients pay for. The value capture point fees will be enforced through smart contracts and paid for in KAT.
  • Legal enforcement utility protects the collective work of the project. The Kambria Legal Compliance team will enforce legal action against violators and free-riders. The members of Kambria community can signal violations through the KambriaVote.

Token Use and Appreciation in Kambria

The KAT token will be used in Kambria to:

  • Issue bounty challenges that are awarded to experts who complete projects on Kambria
  • Reward individuals or teams who contribute code and/or designs
  • Pay manufacturers who produce robots or robot parts
  • Promote projects on Kambria
  • Fundraise for shared technology on Kambria
  • Capture project value
  • Paying for legal rights enforcement

The KAT token is expected to appreciate in value as the platform grows and expands its key utilities.

How Advanced Is Kambria

The Kambria Platform design was completed in the fourth quarter of 2017. Work on Kambria MVP took place between January and March 2018 and mainly revolved around working in testnet. By the end of September 2018, Kambria hopes to have completed its work on Kambria Beta. The full Kambria release has been slated for some time in the second quarter of 2019.

The Kambria Team

Dr. Thuc Vu (co-founder) is in charge of AI and Game Theory. He is a serial entrepreneur who has acquisitions in multiple companies including Google.

Jared Go (co-founder) is in charge of robotics and blockchain. He is a roboticist and avid robot maker.

Tingxi Tan (co-founder) is in charge of cloud computing and blockchain. He has extensive experience in network infrastructure, cloud computing, and distributed system design.

A team of experienced experts works with the founding team on Kambria. These experts include Prof. Manuel Veloso (robotics and AI), Dhana Pawar (marketing), Ned Semonite (partnerships), Prof. Tra Vu (finance), Dr. Mingh Nguyen (research), Lien Cao (Vietnam operations)

Opportunities for Kambria

  1. Kambria has a head start in the robotics industry. The platform developed for this project isn’t easily copied so competitors will have a hard time catching up.
  2. The project has developed strong partnerships with Stanford University, Intel Realsense, Aaeon, Autodesk and several other reputable organizations
  3. The team running the show at Kambria is formidable looks very capable of steering the project to success. Besides being distinguished specialists in their respective fields, the team members have also been in the blockchain and crypto-world for years now.
  4. The project has received excellent publicity from authoritative press and media outlets including CNN, Forbes, TechCrunch, and

Concerns with Kambria

Automation, robotics and Artificial Intelligence are still underdeveloped in the vast majority of nations worldwide. There places where the adoption of these technologies is vehemently opposed and seen as evil, unnatural and a killer of human jobs and careers.

ICO Details

Project name:                                  Kambria
Token type:                                       ERC20
Ticker:                                                KATT
Website:                                            Link
Whitepaper:                                     Link
Hard cap:                                          $19.9 million
Conversion rate:                             TBA
Maximum market cap at ICO:    $50 million
Countries excluded:                      USA, China(mainland)
Timeline:                                           TBA


  • Team
  • Product
  • Market
  • Community Support
  • Communication


The development and execution of the project are all above average. Kambria is also powered by a team of skilled and capable experts. That notwithstanding, the focus on robotics, AI and automation may be a huge hinderance to the short-term growth of the project given that the industry is still very immature.

For Flipping: not so good. While the current market is in favor of blockchain projects, Kambria is still a small project that hasn’t created a lot of awareness for itself.

For long-term holding: good. Many companies are pro-automation due to the untold benefits that robotic technology holds. Since Kambria lays a foundation for easy, fast and cheap robotic development, the project has an excellent potential for growth and success.

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