Investa ICO Review – Be Wary of this Crypto Banking Platform

Investa in a nutshell

Investa Corp Limited is a company from UK that is currently doing an ICO to launch a crypto banking platform with the following components:

  • P2P loan system
  • Start-up accelerator
  • ITM and ATM network
  • Crypto card
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • E-wallet


Listed partners are MasterCard, UnionPay, Accenture, and PWC, which makes the project extra interesting as these players have not taken part in blockchain products previously.

INV Token

With Investas own token, IMV, you can make payments within its platform and comprehensive ecosystem. These can also be rented out as loans for newly-started or larger companies, where you will be able to earn a commission.

A total of 50 million tokens will be printed. 20% of the supply will be allocated for the pre-issue and 40% during the ICO.

ICO and Token Distribution

The last stage of the main ICO ends in approximately 27 hours, so this is the last chance to get a hold of the token before the token hits the exchanges.

Unfortunately, the ICO has not reached it’s soft cap yet, and the chance is slim that it is going to. The team recently stated that they have decided to continue developing the platform with their own funds if the soft cap is not reached by the end of the ICO.

The Token distribution will take place in August, while the launch of the product will take place in September this year. Then, the application will expand into an entire ecosystem with different services, according to the company’s business plan.


Investa is an ambitious project, but unfortunately, the team only consists of six people, which would not be enough to realize the potential of the project. Allocating only 40% of the token supply for the ICO is not acceptable either. The project will most likely not reach the soft cap, making the future of the platform uncertain.

Additionally, the project has a number of red flags. The user “Skadoosh1” on Concord has done due diligence on the project and found an alarming number facts and statements that did not add up.

The report concluded that:

  • Two of the listed advisors are not real.
  • The website states that big media outlets like Forbes and Cointelegraph mentioned the project, yet there is no publication about the project.
  • There is no proof of the partnerships being real.
  • CTO has no online presence.

Check out the full report here.

Risk: Very High