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Project Update: Re-evaluation of Investa ICO – Considerable Progress Has Been Made

You might recognize this project, as we earlier have published a short review of the project. There were several red signs, and the ICO got rated a high-risk investment. One and a half month after the original article got published, new information has come to light, and the project might not be as suspect as it once seemed.

It is evident that the project had a dangerous approach to the marketing of the ICO initially, but there has still been considerable progress, and our previous conclusion might seem overly pessimistic, although there initially were some red flags related to the project. We would, therefore, like to do a re-evaluation of the project.

About the FUD

First, let us go through the original FUD the project has been receiving.

Too small team

When the idea of Investa was born, the team had a range of services planned; this included a P2P loan system, a startup accelerator, an ITM and ATM network, Cryptocurrency debit card, crypto exchange and an e-wallet. The project received heavy criticism for being too ambitious for a small team of six members.

Originally, Investa planned to launch all six services and were in discussion with companies about these features. However, as the project moved forward, they realized that there was more demand for three core products, and the roadmap was trimmed to contain three services.
The project has cut down the development to include the following three core products:

  1. Cryptocurrency exchange
  2. Debit Cards
  3. ATM network

Conversation with CEO Nick Saul

To address the other red flags that initially were linked to the project, we have been in contact with Nick Saul, CEO of Investa.

The following conversation took place with him on Telegram:

Do you feel confident that your team is going to reach all deadlines in time?

Yes, we are ahead of our roadmap and have launched already our iBitt exchange and iBitt cards. Our ATMs will be installed within a few weeks and we are very confident about the future.
Investa has proven that an ICO is not the purpose of a blockchain project, it is simply a marketing method of raising funds in a short time. We immediately deployed our own funds along with the ICO money to develop product and have managed to release them even before our ICO ended. That is almost unheard of in the ICO arena and should give our community a strong feeling that they can trust Investa to deliver on our promises.

Who are the current (confirmed) partners of the project?

This is the Partnerships announced so far, with many more in discussions.

Cameron Stevens incorporated the Investa, yet he is not mentioned in the website or whitepaper.
On the official company information found online, only two people are registered, Cameron and Christian Vallejo. Who are they?

Cameron is a business registration agent, who we used for our company formation. He has no part in our company.
Christian Vallejo Schwarzenbach is a co-founder of Investa and part of our team

The biggest red flag of your project was the fact that a listed team member (Roger Keiting) turned out to be someone else, do you have any comment about this?
Who are your current team members, and are you able to provide any proof of their existence?

Roger Kieting is not part of Investa, all our current team members are listed on our website and include:
– Nick Moore – CEO
– Chris Schwarzenbach -COO
– Peter Huszar -CTO
– Hernan Gamboa – Legal counsel
– Debasis Pine – CFO
– Fernanda Gonzalez – Financial controller
– Giancarlo Casagrande – Strategic advisor
– Giacomo Arcaro – Strategic advisor
– Carlos Zazo – Strategic advisor

Plus we have more developers and admin staff on our team (unlisted)

Why is there (seemingly) no online presence of your CTO Peter Huszar?

Peter has a full-time role at a major bank and therefore keeps his crypto involvement as a side line, until he can join the project full time (when our exchange is launched and we are scaling up)
We also have 2 senior technical officers overseeing 2 project teams developing our exchange & other services.
Our approach has been to employ best in class technical skills, which are overseen by Peter and Nick. As we scale up we will expand our dev team in line with exchange volumes.

Project Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Beta Live

The beta of the cryptocurrency exchange has been released, and it can be tested here. There are only two trading pairs available at the moment, but more coins are lined up to be listed after launch.

The exchange has been thoroughly tested for hacking, DDOS, vulnerable exploits and more. The partner Reddcoin has been assisting the security auditing of the exchange platform.

Tradingview integration has been integrated, which will offer traders. cutting edge charting tools.

Debit Cards Delivered

The Investa debit card has been delivered to the core token holders and investors.

An investor from Ecuador recently shared his experience with he card on Reddit. He was pleasantly surprised and about the fact that there were zero fees and the fact that the card worked in such remote places. Read the post here.

ATM Placement Soon

The company has recently received their ATM’s, and they are set to be installed this month. This is going to be Chile’s first Bitcoin ATM.

Extended ICO

The original ICO was set to finish July 30, but the team has announced an extension until August 31. There are several reasons for this.

  1. To raise enough funds to create a more advanced platform.
  2. Investa is still receiving a lot of customer demand for the token, and several companies are currently doing due diligence on the company. Rather than to exclude them from the sale, they decided to extend the time-limit.
  3. This gives the team an extended period to prepare for launch, making sure that everything is good to go.


  • Several of the original red flags connected to the project has been addressed.
  • Investa has partnered up with several notable projects, further increasing the legitimacy of the project.
  • As the project initially did not meet its soft cap, the team has spent a lot of their own money to bring the development forward, which shows their dedication to the project.
  • The project has made remarkable progress, the cryptocurrency exchange is live (beta), cards have been delivered, and the ATM’s is set to be installed this month.

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