Insights on developing a reliable White-Label ICO Platform

One of the first and the finest manifestations of the convergence between a modern technology like the blockchain and a traditional requirement like crowdfunded investments is the initial coin offering, commonly abbreviated as ICO. ICOs, at a point in time around 2017, was considered the mainstream avenue for fundraising for crypto projects. However, due to the scars created by high instances of scams, it lost its luster.

However, some companies and some projects have managed to steer clear of all the dubious attributes, and ICOs have managed to carve a niche for themselves when it comes to crowdfunding methods.

Creating an ICO could be a long, arduous and cumbersome process. It involves quite some effort in the field of market research, content creation, technology, documentation and a lot of other aspects. It is important for a business to focus on its core offering – the product, and put less effort when it comes to the technological aspects of crowdfunding.

Considering this thought process, white-label ICO platform solutions could be the panacea that companies could consider. A lot of companies that specialize in white label ICO platform development create the skeleton of the platform that gives you all the core functionalities. If need be, you can customize the platform in such a way that it where is your brand language.

There are a lot of benefits brought about by choosing a white-label ICO platform

The first and foremost advantage brought about by a white label solution is that it seems quite a lot in terms of time. Business people will understand that time is the biggest currency that they will spend, and the quicker they are able to hit the market, the better the profit they will make. White label ICO solutions have the core functionalities built already. This means that the company that develops the product does not have to spend their effort and time in creating the ICO platform from scratch.

Creating an ICO involves complex coding, and it is quite possible that an inexperienced developer might end up committing some mistake that might prove costly in the long run. However, and ICO software development company with its expertise and experience, ensures that no mistake is committed to the core functionalities of the platform this is bound to set you a lot of money, and of course, reputation as well! The white-label solution developed by the company that specializes in its speed is the result of years and years of experience and improvisation. Therefore, you can also expect a lot of problems to be solved even before you encounter those!

As discussed earlier, even when we look outside the perspective of time taken, white-label solutions cost-effective. It has to be understood that when you create your own ICO platform, you are availing a service but at the same time, when you buy a White label ICO software, you are, in essence, buying a product! This means that you have to spend only on the customization effort and nothing more.

The Bundled Features You Can Expect              

We have been talking quite a lot about the core functionalities of an ICO software. Although the definition of ‘core’ my query on a case by case basis, we have concluded on a few features that could be considered absolutely essential.  

  • The ICO software should be able to facilitate the airdropping of tokens. Airdropping is one of the most effective marketing strategies to build credibility for your ICO tokens from reputed influencers.

  • The ICO platform should also facilitate launching a bounty program. The bounty program entices developers and testers to find bugs, and influencers to promote the ICO for monetary benefits.

  • If possible, the ICO software should also provide auxiliary services like drafting of the white paper, creation of the smart contract, designing of the ICO website, and integration of payment gateways.

  • The ICO development company should also facilitate the creation of the ICO token. The company should also assist in integrating your ICO with the right launch. Expertise in multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Stellar brings an added advantage not just to the company but also to the clients.

  • The ICO development company should also help in listing your ICO tokens in some of the best crypto exchanges. This is how a 360° ICO development company is expected to work!


It is quite established that white label ICO solutions present a clear advantage over creating your own ICO software from scratch we have also given pointers on the factors to consider when choosing the best ICO software development company. Considering all these factors and considering the fact that the crypto world is gaining acceptance by every passing day, it is quite the right time for you to approach an ICO development company and get your project funded by a perfectly crafted ICO!

Atman Rahod

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