Innovative financial revolution – TikPay Token Cashification

Nine years ago, a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz paid for two PapaJohn’spizzas (then worth $40) in 10,000  bitcoins on a bitcoin forum. Since then, May 22 has been designated as bitcoin pizza festival, the first time Bitcoin has been priced, and the first time Token has purchased goods as a  means of payment. The day was historic, and since then we’ve seen that in addition to cash payments, electronic payments (WeChat, Alipay), there are ways to pay with Token, and TikPay Token is one of them. 

“Cryptocurrencies end up finding gaps, or they will become a game of short selling by people in their circles,” the digital money market agreed, no matter how many cryptocurrencies they have, and if there is no suitable payment channel for holders, then these currencies can only be turned around in the currency circle, unable to produce practical applications and play their value.

If blockchain payments are to be actually performed, how to connect banks, third-party clearing and settlement, merchants, and clients throughout the upstream and downstream is key, and TikPay’s  Token Cashification System(TCS)  is the core technology  for laying out blockchain payments.  Based on the TikPay  system, users can make quick payments using TikPay token(TPT)  and merchants can receive French currency directly from their region.  TikPay’s  Token Cashification System(TCS)   is now legally compliant and in practice in Hong Kong, Japan and other countries. With more than 1,000 stores connected to TikPay, customers can pay with TikPay token(TPT)  throughout  a smooth, fast and convenient payment process.

Although transactions are fast, the intermediate process involves many merchants, clearing and settlement service providers, banks, etc., laws and regulations in different regions, security technologies, data interactions, cross-currency exchange, account clearing, etc. across the network, but because the consensus mechanism used in the TikPay public chain is Tendermint,the 1 second block speed is sufficient to support financial transfer payment applications, so TikPay’s  Token Cash Cash Sy( )  TCS)can handle these complex processes in a second or two. However, within a second or two of TikPay paying Token,  customers cannot perceive the complexity of the entire network transfer.

Whether it’s cross-border collection or payment or exchange, TikPay users are not obliged to hold or redeem TPTto complete their business, except for small account opening payments with TikPay token(TPT).    The small fee involved in all processes has been offset by converting it to TPT at real price.  TikPay simplifies the entire service process and significantly reduces the user’s time costs.

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