INJII ICO – Online Charitable Concert Platform

Injii is a streaming company founded in 2014. It’s an online media platform that leverages original content to raise awareness and fund charitable causes. The projects have ambitions to become a network and movement for improving the world.
With INJII, users of the platform can get the opportunity to see countless artists while changing the world for the better.
While browsing the platform, users can earn coins by donating or interacting with the platform.

The platform has been in development for three years. A prototype of the platform was tested one year ago, but the team saw one critical problem: it’s hard to get users engaged.
The solution was to create rewarding incentives. Users are engaged by earning tokens through interactions with the platform, such as logging on, commenting content as well ass watching the content.

The coins could then be used to:

  • Donate to your favorite charity
  • Get access to exclusive events
  • Buy exclusive merchandise

Every time coins are spent on the platform; the funds are used to benefit charitable causes. With INJII, no matter if you are rich or poor, everyone will have to opportunity to help by either donating, watching, commenting and so on.

INJII for Artists

Artist will be able to earn coins by merely posting their content on the site.
Artists have to make a living as well, and that’s why the platform is designed to let the artists earn as well.

The platform will be utilizing Civic, a blockchain solution for verification to make sure all the users and artists are real and thereby avoiding people uploading content that’s not theirs.

The only requirement for artists is that they have to pick the charity they want to support. E.g., when an artist is doing an event, the screen will show the charity the artist has chosen.


The company is partnered with companies that already are familiar with ICO’s and blockchain technology. Some of the most renowned partners include companies like CIVIC, SIA, and ADSHARES.
The partnerships will mean that it will not only be possible to earn INJII coins, but also the currencies of the partners.

The project was recently accepted into the Draper University, which means that the team most likely is going to be working with some of the top advisors, including Tim Draper.

President of INJII opinion

The President and COO of INJII, Robart Varghese has stated that he knows that most people want to do good, but fundraising for charitable causes has a lot of problems. The most critical issue is the fact that almost one-third of charitable funds go towards administrative expenses.

That’s why they have created a platform where every cent that is donated goes directly to the charity.

The fundraisers have to promise INJII that since they have raised the money for them at no cost, 100% of the funds have to go directly to the charity.

This is what he thinks will be one of the main attractions. People will be able to find and support their favorite charitable cause while knowing all the funds are going directly to the charity.

Learn more about the project here.